The difference

A short and small girl meets a tall and muscular guy.
The difference in there height does not matter.
And never will..


1. ~chapter one~

As I walked by my sisters room I over heard her, on the phone... Talking about me.

"Annie and Corey would make the cutest couple!" She stated.

"Who?" I asked.

"Corey, brother!"

"Uh ?"

"It's a date!" My sister said talking into her phone

"What are you talking about?"

"You have a date, with Corey!"

"Who is that and when"

"A guy ! And tonight !"



"Yay! It is at the carnival!"

Since it's like 90* outside I threw on boody shorts and a aero shirt. I am spose to be there by now but I'm running late because my sister could not find her keys..

When I finally get there Lindsey is standing there and Lexi ran up to her.

"Okay Annie this is Corey, have fun you two! Oh and here is $100 Corey, spend it wisely!"

We stood in line slightly, once we got our all night passes Corey finally broke the silence.

"Wanna go on the zipper?" He suggested



Once we got on they slowly moved us up, letting others on. We were at the very top and I kinda got scared.

"If I drop my phone , I'm gonna freak !"I said

"You shouldn't of brought it on the ride"

"Well what was I spose to do? Give it to the boy standing behind us and say here hold this?"

He chuckled.

The ride started.

We were spinning and turning all at once.

It was madness! And when I looked over he was laughing his but off !

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