Living like plastic

A story about two toys that come to life at night and go on adventures around their owner's house.
Suddenly something terrible happens and Harry and Gary have to solve it. Will Harry and Gary manage to save the day? Or will it lead to more disasters?


6. The secret is out

I waited until half past twelve before William came down the stairs. He didn't enter the front room, or even seem to think about it. I was urging him to go into the living room and pick up my note but no matter how much I silently begged him, he just stood in the dim hallway staring at the half-eaten sandwich in his hand. No other other human would ever spend so long staying still, but William was special-mentally. I couldn't bear it any longer, I grabbed a chipped piece of floor-tile, despite the fact that this couldn't help my current situation, and I threw the floor-tile piece at William. The piece hit William directly on his nose. He flinched and batted his nose with his sandwich, which the top of then fell, face down, onto the carpet. Like I said, he's special. He didn't bother picking up the sandwich, he just stared in the vague direction that the piece of tile hit him. This was the first time I got to look at William in almost three months. He was tall boy with scruff, thick brown hair and a very deep, almost detached look on his face. The fact that this was his normal face is shocking considering how thoughtless he is. He slowly, not cautiously-that would take too much thinking-but slowly, stepped through the doorway into the kitchen. He closed the door with his heel while picking up the nearest sandwich on the counter, I sort of saw that coming. He walk straight up to the table that I sleep under and, from the sound of things, started to make some food. I knew that this was the only good chance I would get today to somehow tell William what I was; I took a deep breath, conjured up all my courage, and I jumped onto William's shoes. He staggered. He flicked me off his foot and ducked down under the table glanced straight at me. This was my chance.

"Um...hi" I introduced myself as Gary the Lego Star Wars figure and, as I anticipated, he was sceptical. " I dreaming?" he asked,"Yeah....yeah that's it I'm dreaming." He was obviously frightened. Any normal person would be."I'm sorry William, but you're definitely not dreaming." He bit his lip as he slowly backed away from the table. I was too exhausted to argue with William so I just let him leave. I knew he would be back. Who could sleep knowing that there is a living toy in his kitchen? He'll be back. Oh he will be back. I hope he comes back.

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