Living like plastic

A story about two toys that come to life at night and go on adventures around their owner's house.
Suddenly something terrible happens and Harry and Gary have to solve it. Will Harry and Gary manage to save the day? Or will it lead to more disasters?


3. The plan

"RUN!" I screamed, and we did. Harry leapt off the edge of the sofa while I ran under Oaky, but it didn't phase her, she turned trapped and my leg with paw. Pain shot up my leg as I struggled to release myself from Oaky's grip but it was no use. Just when I had given up, Harry came to my aid. He stamped his foot into Oaky's tail and I was relaesed. Oaky turned to attack Harry but he too smart to let that happen, he sprinted through Oaky's legs and we both jumped off the sofa onto the bright yellow carpet. Oaky followed. Me and Harry ran as fast as our little plastic legs would carry us out of the living room, across the brown hallway and slid under the off-white, gleaming aluminium dish washer in the kitchen. We held our breaths as Oaky searched the cold, tiled floor for us. She was discouraged after a few minutes and strutted back to her hair-covered nest under the coffee table. We were safe.


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