Living like plastic

A story about two toys that come to life at night and go on adventures around their owner's house.
Suddenly something terrible happens and Harry and Gary have to solve it. Will Harry and Gary manage to save the day? Or will it lead to more disasters?


4. Problem solving

We emerged from our hiding place and sat down under the same oily green table that I was under 5 minutes ago. I explained that we needed to solve William's "teenager" problems but I had not even the slightest idea how to do it,"It seems impossible" I explained. We pondered it for a while and beginning to get restless when Harry had an idea "We have to make William care about us again somehow then we have Oaky and Bea attack us in front of him and, since he cares about us, he will stop Oaky and Bea from ever coming near us again!" It was a great idea but we needed to get William to care about us,"It only solves our problem" I replied. Harry insisted that it solved William's problem as-well and it started to make sense. Before I could say anything there was a muffled thud followed quickly by the creaking of a door opening, we realised William was coming down for another midnight snack so Harry ran back to his spot on the sofa and I stared at the tasteless, oily green, scratched table and fell asleep.

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