Living like plastic

A story about two toys that come to life at night and go on adventures around their owner's house.
Suddenly something terrible happens and Harry and Gary have to solve it. Will Harry and Gary manage to save the day? Or will it lead to more disasters?


2. Oaky

I decided to wake up Harry as I couldn't figure all this out on my own and he usually has some good ideas. He was in the living room, on the sofa, so I crept along the yellow and blue tiled floor and out of the doorway. I traveled along the brown carpet next to the matching stairs, hauled myself up the step into the bright yellow living room. I took a second to look around and, to my horror, William's cat Oaky was under the cheap wooden coffee table caught in a deep slumber. I knew I didn't have much time and started to panic. Breathing heavily, I dashed towards the magenta sofa but stopped dead in my tracks as I realised there was no way to get onto it! As if that wasn't horrible enough, Oaky started to twist in her sleep. She batted a fly off her light grey, furry cheek and then she rose. I never realised she was so colossal! For a moment I hesitated, but as Oaky prepared to pounce, I spurred into action. I sprinted to my right just as Oaky lept into the air and she missed me by a fraction of a centimetre,  I ran under the coffee table and Oaky pounced again but luckily she hit the top of the coffee table and cowered from me. I knew this wouldn't last long so I had to make every second count, I gripped the leg of the coffee table and, used all my might to climb up it. I reached the top of the table and dashed to the edge and , with a mighty leap, landed on the sofa. This woke Harry and I barely had time to explain what was happening before Oaky climbed onto the sofa, she was furious. Me and Harry were not safe yet, we needed a plan.

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