Why ??

For the " who framed Klaris Cliff" competition 3,000 words

Shelce hates school but not because it's difficult , because of the other students idea of fun , the teachers do nothing to stop it and even they have to try hard to stifle a grin or turn a giggle into a cough.


2. Why is everything MY fault ?

When David drops his toast ,it's my fault .When the dog eats his toast , it's my fault .When David gets annoyed and cries , it's my fault . None of these things are really my fault it's just that Dad doesn't want to tell David off ,the dog was hungry and David is a bit of a baby , even though he is six next month but dad just insists that I must have pushed david and made him drop his toast . God ,Dad is so stubborn and because I got into an argument with him I am grounded for a week , Just my luck !!

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