The Wind

Damanii was just a normal happy go-lucky girl, until at the age of six Damanii and her mother move to a town called Hope. In Hope there is wild wind storms nearly everyday that sweep through the town destroying everything in their paths. On the day of the first storm Damanii has ever experienced, everything goes terribly wrong. Will Damanii be able to cope with the storms? Find out in 'The Wind'.


1. The Storm

"Looks like another storm is brewing on the horizon," The man from the weather station mumbled as he tapped away on his computer.

"Right I know what to do," my mother said nodding at the weather man, "Damanii come here please darling." I nodded at my mother and toddled over to her; I was six years old but my legs were weak and I still walked like a toddler.

"What do you need ma?" I asked my mother politely.

"Damanii sweetheart I need you to sit in the shelter and not come out until someone tells you to ok," my mother said lowering me into the storm shelter. It was a small child sized box that had been lowered into the ground with a glass roof so that light could get in and you could see out. Not that you would want to see out during the carnage of the storms we have here in the town ironically named Hope.

"But ma don't you have to get in as well?" I said trying to grab her shirt and pull her in with me but she just shoved me off firmly.

"No Damanii this is your shelter I will get in my own when you are safe," my mother said although she didn't convincing.

"Five minuets until the storm hits," the man from the weather station said reading the stats off his computer screen.

"Ok I'm almost done," my mother said glancing at him, "Now then Damanii even if I don't make it through the storm you have to promise me that you won't leave the shelter until it's safe."

"I promise but..." I started then she cut me off.

"No buts Damanii you mustn't leave the shelter," my mother said as she shut the doors and I locked it from the inside.

"One minuet until the storm hits," the weather man said getting up, climbing into his own shelter and locking it.

"You know I love you Damanii right?" my mother asked as she stood up.

"Of cause I know you love me ma," I said but I could see the tears in her eyes.

"Ten seconds till the storm hits," The weather man said.

"Ma you have to get in your shelter," I called but my mother took no notice instead she stood in the middle of the room as if she was waiting for something.

"Five seconds," the weather man said, "Five, four, three, two, one!" Suddenly everything was quiet. And then it came. The wind burst through the window at such a force that the glass shattered and was shoved all across the room. The furniture was knocked over and battered until it didn't resemble furniture at all. Then the wind reached my mother; it engulfed her like fire tearing open her chest like a lion trying to escape it's cage. I watched silently as my mothers organs and a lot of blood flew from her open chest and splattered the walls before being turned to dust by the wind.

"MA!" I screamed as I watched the wins turn my mother practically inside out. It reached into her chest and horrifically split her in half her cartilage and bones bouncing off the roof of my storm shelter as they passed. My mothers body dropped to the floor before the wind finished her off turning what was left of my mother to dust.

"Ma oh what have you done!" I screamed as I dropped to the floor of my shelter and whimpered for my mother to come back. I lay down in a ball and waited for the storm to stop raging on outside I would grieve later.

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