The Guardian Angel behind me

What would happen if your guardian angel fell for you? What would happen if one day you saw her? Would it work out between you or would your whole world turned upside down? This story is inspired from the movie "City of Angels"


15. The day....

Niall could not stay away. When evening came, he put me in the bed and lay on top of me. I still felt his body reaction and that he wanted me, but not in the same way as before. I kissed him and the kiss was still perfect. I felt how he pulled off my clothes and when I was naked under him, he looked down at my body. I couldn't help but blush, but Niall didn't care. He kissed me on the neck, he kissed my nipples and I moaned quietly. I ran my fingers through his hair and closed my eyes. He let the kiss wander down over my body, and finally he reached my most sensitive part. He let his tongue play with my clit and my whole body reacted. I felt  how he made me moan and I spread my legs as much as I could. I got a tingling feeling between my legs and I could feel my body caved. Niall let a finger penetrate and directly I moved towards him. 
"Don't stop!" I moaned and moved my genital against his face. Niall smiled and he licked me faster. I was shaking and I felt how he filled me with all sorts of emotions. I didn't see that he stripped naked. I didn't notice anything until he laid on top of me again. He penetrated with his member and filled me to the brim. I moaned and groaned against his lips. Niall kissed me intensely and he moved his hips quickly towards me. I heard how moist I was between my legs and I noted every movement as he did on me. Niall groaned loudly and he was moving faster and faster against my body. It was as if we didn't get enough and we were like mad..


Niall spun around and I ended up on top of him. Direct I sat up on him and started to ride. Niall took his hands around my waist and he made me pick up the pace. I bounced up and down at a fast pace. Niall took down a thumb and caressed me quickly over the clitoris. That was all that was needed! I reached climax and my whole body exploded like a bomb. I moaned, screamed and landed in another state. I pushed myself down over his cock and my whole body shook with spasms.


When I came back to reality, I rode Nialls until he got the same results. I saw on his face that he reached the climax and I felt how he filled me with the fluid from his member. He shook and eventually he landed against the mattress. He smiled when he opened his eyes again. He looked straight into my eyes and I saw just harmony in his face. 
"You're still a cat in bed." he whispered teasingly. I blushed and put me down over him. I hid my face in his neck and felt his arms embraced me. 
"Was that okay?" he whispered on. I nodded. 
"It was like the last time we did it." 
Niall was happy. 
"If we sleep now, we can take a shower in the morning and do something?" 
I smiled and nodded. I was so tired in my body and I felt myself slowly sank away into another world. It was still exciting to go to sleep. As an angel I was always awake, but a person I needed to sleep.


I woke up the sun was shining into the bedroom. I felt the warm rays warm up my body and I could barely open my eyes. It was so bright lights, but I enjoyed it. I heard Niall and I heard he was in the bathroom and showered. He came out with a towel around his waist and he smiled at me. 
"I go away and get some breakfast." he said and kissed me quickly. "When I come back we'll eat and just be us." 
I smiled and I wanted to pull him down in bed again. But Niall was fast and he moved to the closet. I saw him put on clean clothes, and he smiled at me. 
"You stare ...?" 
I nodded. 
"You're so beautiful."
Niall blushed and I saw that he wasn't used to that I was so honest. It was the first time I had said those words to him and I was proud of myself. 
"Stop it!" he mumbled and snapped the belt in his pants. "It's I who will give you a lot of compliments." 
I shook directly on my head. 
"No, because I'll also be able to say what I feel." 
Niall came up to the bed and sat down on the edge. 
"Okay, honey, what do you wanna eat?" 
I laughed and took his hand in mine. 
"Buy what you love and I promise to eat it." 
He gave me a quick kiss and stood up. 
"I'll be back ..." he got out and disappeared out of the bedroom. I heard the car was started and how he drove away. I stretched my body and I felt so alive. I chose to go into the bathroom and stood under the running water. It was a wonderful feeling and I shampoo total in my hair. The scents surrounded my nose and I enjoyed the feeling.


I put on my clothes and went into the kitchen. Niall had already succumbed, and he had put up red roses in a vase. I smiled and smelled the flowers. So wonderful scent and they were so beautiful. I leaned back in the chair to wait. Soon Niall would come back and I looked forward to his breakfast.




The phone had rung and I had answered. I didn't understand what the voice said to me. 
"Niall what?" 
"He has been in an accident and he's now in intensive care." 
I understood nothing. My whole body shook, and I sat down on his couch. 
"But he's at the grocery store, is it the same Niall we're talking about?" 
She knew I was in shock. 
"Come in to the ICU, you will get yourself a look. I can't do more right now!"



I was shaking all over and the tears poured out of my eyes. Before me lay Niall in a coma and he had a bunch of hoses attached to the body. I collapsed on the floor and I didn't know what I would do. 
"Don't leave me! Please Niall, you can't leave me now!" I shouted right out and I panicked. Niall couldn't die! Not now when I was there and now that I was mortal. He couldn't die, or could he?


I was in a fog. I saw nothing and heard nothing. I think I got a sedative and I think I saw Nialls friends in the room. A woman came up to me and she was crying too. 
"I'm Maurel, Nialls mom." she said and I barely heard her words. "Niall has talked so much about you." 
What would I say?



"We can't let his body lie here!" said the doctor. "It's better if we turn off the devices and allow his body to die. There's nothing we can do." 
Mauren held me tight in her arms and we cried. I didn't want to turn off the device, but knew how it worked. Niall was no longer there and it was just an empty shell in the bed. I cried so much that I almost wiped out. 
"Okay!" I heard Maura say. "Do what you think is best."


I heard they shut down the devices one by one. I heard Nialls body was breathing less and less and eventually his body was dead. I couldn't let go of Maura and I held her convulsively. I didn't want to let go of Niall either, but it was to late.
"It'll be okay!" she whispered. "Everything has a meaning."

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