The Guardian Angel behind me

What would happen if your guardian angel fell for you? What would happen if one day you saw her? Would it work out between you or would your whole world turned upside down? This story is inspired from the movie "City of Angels"


1. prologue

I was born into a life of poverty just outside Jerusalem. My parents lived under simple conditions and they were happy only we had food for the day. Though they had no riches, I was born with love. I was the result of years of longing for a child. Although the day was backbreaking, I managed to feel loved and appreciated. At that time they paid taxes and they had to struggle to afford even the slightest owned land. We had a small house, which barely held together. Still, it was a house with love and with care. Mom planted vegetables behind the house and we took two goats, a cow and some chickens. My dad worked as a fisherman and was more at sea than he was home.


Late one winter day, I got a fever. I was sixteen and my parents wanted me to be healthy. They had promised me away to a richer family and the idea was that I would marry their son Joseph. It started with a fever, then I found myself more and more in a daze and eventually gave my body up.


There's no words to describe what happens when we die. This is just a variant of a thousand, because everyone's experiences are different. I ended up in the clouds, or fog. It was bright around me but I didn't see more in front of me than just the clouds. It was completely white around me with a hint of light blue.


"You will get a gift!" I heard a male voice say. I tried to listen to every voice came from, but it surrounded me from all sides. 
"What do you mean?" 
The voice sounded friendly. 
"I have chosen you for a mission. I will send you back to earth as a protection against evil. You will protect the people and you will bestow the harmony and love to them, but they will not see you."
I had never heard of such a work, and I tried to think clearly. 
"Should I'll be an unblessed spirit?" 
The voice laughed. 
"No, my child, you'll become guardian angel and you'll be helping people in secret. You will be there for those who need you, and you will protect them. You are my weapon against all evil and you aren't alone. I have many similar missions and together you are strong."




I saw how man evolved foreward. I went with the whole development and actually I loved to be among you mortals. I helped some to the other side and I comforted the crying. I calmed those who wore the concerns and I whispered in their ear that I was there for them. You could say that I went around and put my hand on your shoulders. I told you how precious you were and I protected you when the threat was close.


I don't know how many thousands of years as cardiac conditioned by. The time isn't for me and I see you as in an hourglass. You are born and you are alive and fighting until you die. Some of you leave footprints behind you, others pacerar only through life without doing anything. I was used to seeing death and I was used to be around here. There's just as much hatred in your heart but there's  also love. I was fascinated by how you work and that you are creating things to kill each other.




You could say that I first lived life number one, like a normal child. Then I came into phase number two. My second life consisted of being an angel. 


Then came the day when my life went into phase three, or my third life. I found him. I found my calling, my heart and that person who meant everything to me.

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