The Guardian Angel behind me

What would happen if your guardian angel fell for you? What would happen if one day you saw her? Would it work out between you or would your whole world turned upside down? This story is inspired from the movie "City of Angels"


8. One who wanted something different

That night I took myself away from Nialls house. I had to think. I was looking for Martin across London, but he was gone. I felt like a lost angel and asked directly if it was like that the fallen felt? Perhaps I would now be a fallen angel? I felt guilty, but as dawn approached, I became more confident in myself. Why was it forbidden to feel love and to feel that you loved someone? I persuaded myself that I was right. I did the right thing and I wanted to be with Niall as Hope and as an angel.


Niall woke up when I fried eggs for him. I stood in the kitchen and tried to fried the albumen round, but ended up with scrambled eggs. I was almost angry at myself. It was gratifying that Niall showed up and stood behind me. He took his arms around my waist and looked down at my broken dreams. 
"You're not used to being in the kitchen?" 
I shook my head and blushed. 
"I really don't know how to do this and don't ask me why." 
He laughed a little bit and kissed my neck. 
"That's okay... I look forward to taste your eggs?"
I turned off the plate and poured over the eggs on a plate. It was more like scrambled eggs with burnt pieces, but Niall praised me. 
"You tried?" 
I nodded and felt hopeless. Niall continued to kiss my neck and I felt a tickling in the body. I giggled and immediately he released me. 
"So now we'll try." 
I followed him with my eyes and saw how he heaped on a fork with eggs. He stuffed it in his mouth and I saw how he tried hard not to show how bad it tasted. 
"But it's a good start?" 
I laughed and shook on my head. 
"That's what I call a disaster." 
Niall smiled and put away fork. He didn't eat any more and I saw how bad it tasted in his mouth. 
"So when did you eat breakfast and when did you leave the bed?" 
I tried to think up a reasonable lie. 
"I hardly slept all night and when the sun came up, I went up."
He looked down at my clothes. 
"You look so clean?" 
I smiled weakly. 
"I took a shower?" 
Niall liked the idea and immediately he turned on his heel and walked towards the bedroom. 
"Then it's my turn to shower." 
I realized that there wasn't a single wet towel in the toilet. I was fast and in a second I had hung up a damp towel on a hook and was back in the kitchen. I was for once thankful that I was an angel.


"Where do you live? Where's your apartment?" 
I stopped and realized that I couldn't lie anymore. What should I answer? I didn't need a home? 
"I have unfortunately no apartment?" 
Niall hugged me from behind. 
"Your house then?"
I shook my head and directly Niall seemed to understand what I was referring to. 
"So you live on the street?" 
I swallowed. 
"Well, yes!" 
Directly he released me and I realized that this was the end. I had heard about what people thought about the homeless and I was shaking all over. To my great surprise Niall stood in front of me and took my hands in his. 
"But why didn't you tell me?" 

I swallowed and looked down at the floor. There were so many things I hadn't told him, so this was just a part of the whole truth. 
"I didn't dare." 
Niall made ​​sure I met his gaze. Then he smiled and I saw that he didn't think anything bad about me. 
"Then you can stay here? I have a whole house and I have room for you." 
I didn't know what to say. I just stared at him and realized that I was becoming his partner. 
"But .." 
He stood closer to me and looked into my eyes. 
"Please, move in with me. I can afford to take care of you and I want you to be here."
I convinced myself that I made the right thing. It meant, I could be with him as much as I already was, but he would see me. 
I doubted that it was the right way, but I shook off all negative thoughts.


I must admit that it felt exciting. I was in heaven, so not literally, but I was happy. Niall bought clothes for me and he made ​​sure I had everything. It surprised me that I could change my clothes and it felt different to see me in colorful colors. Angels clearly preferred colors like white, black or gray. Now I stood in a pink dress and I had never seen me in that color. I looked more like a human and it felt weird. 


"So you live together?" Louis got out and looked at us "That was fast!" 
Niall smiled big and hugged me. 
"We chose it together and it wasn't a tough choice." 
I saw at Louis that he wanted me, and right away I wondered how I would change that part. Eleanor was just perfect for him and she loved him above everything else. I saw at her how much she adored Louis, but he didn't see that part in her. Niall had invited everyone in the group with their girlfriends, and Harry was the one who was single. He looked at me as Nialls girlfriend. Liam liked me and Zayn thought that I took good with Niall. The only one who didn't like the situation was Louis. He didn't show it openly, but he looked askance at Niall. I realized that I should do something about it, when I had the chance.

"We have to celebrate!" Liam exclaimed, laughing. "Our little Niall finally got a girlfriend and it has taken many years for him to found the right one." 
I smiled and blushed. Niall held my hand and he wouldn't let me be alone in the room. 
"And I found the best." he said and looked at me. I smiled back and swallowed. 
"Or I found the best guy?" 
Niall shook his head mockingly. 
"I was the one who found you, so don't say anything else." 
Everyone laughed, but Louis looked dark on us.


It was the first time I ended up at a disco. I hated those places, because there were too many emotions and energies there. Everyone had such different emotions and there was everything from the good to the bad guys in there, in the room. Niall pulled me to the table and I tried to block out all the people. It was hard because I could easily detect who was angry, sad or happy. 
"You is absent?" 
I smiled and looked at Niall. 
"I'm not used to these kinds of places." 
Niall sat down on the couch and pushed me down in his lap. He really wanted to show who was his (that I was his girlfriend) and he allowed no one to touch me. 
"I'll take care of you." Niall whispered in my ear and smiled. "We take one thing at a time. Would you like something to drink?" 
I shook my head because I didn't dare to drink alcohol. Louis followed me almost all the time with his eyes and he sat on the other side of the table. I didn't look at him, because I wasn't sure what I would think of him. Niall didn't care, and talked on with everyone else. I was sitting so comfortably in his lap and felt his arms around my waist. He held me so perfectly.


I must admit that it wasn't particularly fun at a disco. People got drunk, it smelled bad and everyone hated so much. It was as if all the snakes got into a snake pit, looking for victims. I kept next to Niall all the time and I was careful not to lose him.


In the end, Niall still had to go to the bathroom. I chose to stay outside the men's toilet room and I leaned against the wall. Right as it was popped Louis up and he lit up when he saw me. 
"So what are you doing here?" 
I swallowed. 
"I'm waiting for Niall." 
Louis didn't liked my answer, but he didn't show it openly. He stood beside me and I felt how excited he was that I was standing there. 
"What do you see in him?" 
I smiled slightly and looked down at the floor. 
"I see a wonderful person who's open, care about others and that's special." 
"Are you in love with him?" 
I was startled and gave Louis a cold stare. 
"What a silly question. Course I love Niall and you love your girlfriend?"
Louis sighed and blushed slightly. He knew so well that he had Eleanor, so why would he flirt with me? 
"Well I might love her, but we don't have the same relationship anymore. We are drifting apart." 
I shook my head and looked away from him. 
"No it's you who think you are drifting apart. I see at Eleanor how much she loves you and she will do anything just for your sake." 

I wanted that Niall would show up, but he didn't. Louis sighed again and I felt he was trying to think of something to say. 
"It's just what you telling me!" he mumbled. "She's not the same girl I met one time. She's not even cute anymore."
Niall showed up and immediately seemed Louis bring back the negative side. Niall didn't bother about him, and kissed me quickly and smiled at me. 
"Missed me?" 
I nodded and took his hand. 
"Giant much."


I knew I had to put a stop to Louis mind eventually. The problem was that I didn't know how. I could lay a hand on his shoulder, but I had my suspicions that it wouldn't help.He was like an unwritten book and I was unsure of his fate. I knew he was linked with Eleanor, but he didn't know about it.

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