The Guardian Angel behind me

What would happen if your guardian angel fell for you? What would happen if one day you saw her? Would it work out between you or would your whole world turned upside down? This story is inspired from the movie "City of Angels"


6. My first kiss

In three days I was the only one that Niall was thinking about and I realized that I had to call him. I wasn't used to phones and chose to borrow a phone in a shop. I was shaking all over when I finally managed to do right. It was the first time that I was talking on a phone and it felt so odd. 


"Niall ..." I heard his wonderful voice say. I hesitated at first, but then forced me to open my mouth. 
"Hey it's me, Hope!" 
I couldn't hesitate, Niall was overjoyed and I heard at his voice that he almost fainted. 
"Thank you for calling!" he almost shouted. "So are you coming home to me and we'll meet somewhere else? Where do you live? Are you in London or where are you right now?" 
I swallowed. 
"I can come home to you?" 
Niall explained the direct route to his home. I closed my eyes and smiled. I knew where he lived and I knew everything, but I let him think I didn't.
"So when are you coming?" he finally asked. I tried to think like a human. How long time did it take for me to go over to Nialls house? 
"Half an hour?" 
Niall was happy. 
"I promise you will not regret it." 
I knew that I could never change my mind about him. I knew he was perfect and he couldn't even make me disappointed.
"I know!" I replied without thinking about what I just said to him.


I could come over to Niall in one second, so it felt like an eternity until half an hour went by. I chose to knock at his door, as all normal people did and he opened. I've never seen him so tightly wound and he hugged me quickly. 
"Hi Hope!" Then he pulled me into the house and closed the door. He had big eyes and I could feel him shaking. His energy was in an rebellion and I actually felt the same way. 
"Hi!" I got out of me. Niall took me into the room, as I had been in so many times before. I didn't forget that he didn't knew about it. So I looked around the room and smiled. 
"What nice home you have!" 
Niall blushed and seemed almost ashamed of the room. 
"It has looked like this since I moved in two years ago, but I feel comfortable here."


We sat on the couch and talked. Niall talked to about everything and I just loved to hear his voice. He talked to me and he saw me. It was a wonderful feeling and I was more than happy. I wondered if it was so newly in love couple felt for each other? I had seen many couples look at each other and they had that special glances. I saw at the same way on Niall or he didn't notice it? Was a man as animals, they showed love through the looks, pitches and things that the others could see? I realized how little I knew about love. I had seen it around me in thousands of years, but I had never questioned anything. I had never thought about how the man or the girl was in the state. I had just seen and been careful that it would be as good as possible between the pairs. Now I was sitting in front of Niall and I couldn't affect anything. I could just go with him on his journey and hope that he saw me as I wanted him to see me.


"So where are you from?" asked Niall right as it was. I was startled and swallowed. Should I be honest or I'd just should tell him a country, a city or a place? 
"Jerusalem ..." 
Niall seemed impressed. 
"Oh, so how is it that you live here now?" 
Lies, just more lies! 
"My parents died and I chose to be in London." 
"Oh I'm sorry." 
I smiled. 
"It was so long ago, so I got over it."
"What are you working with? Or are you studying in school?" 
I didn't want to lie, but I knew that I also couldn't tell him the truth. 
"I'm a model" 
I was startled, as much as Niall. Where did that come from? 
"Oh? Model? That, I could almost have guessed." he replied, looking down at my body. "You look like a model and I understand why you got into the profession." 
I blushed and looked down at the floor. 
"It's not as big as it sounds."
Niall was still looking at me and I heard in his head that it all went into high gear. He wanted to know everything about me, who I was and so on... and I knew it would come more questions. 
"Are you hungry?" he got instead of themselves and I realized it was my salvation. 
Niall smiled and stood up. 
"Then I take you to a special place. We go to one of my favourite restaurants."
Nandos, I knew it! I nodded and stood up. It felt so strange to accompany him on a human way. I had been at Nandos so many times and I knew that their food tasted delicious. I liked the atmosphere in the dinning area and the staff always had so much fun together. Niall was their loyal customer and he was often there.


When evening came we walked to Nialls home again. I almost forgot who I was and I felt so alive. Right as it was searched Nialls hand mine and I felt him gently held my hand. I was startled easily and met his gaze. Niall just smiled and he looked at me with his gorgeous face. 
"Can I hold your hand?" 
I nodded and blushed. 
Niall laughed a little bit and looked down at our hands. 
"You're so different to everyone else and I just love that part of you. You look like you're scared, but at the same time not." 
What should I answer? 
"I'm quite a coward." I whispered. Niall stopped and shook directly on the head. 
"No, you're only human!" 
No, I'm an Angel .... 
"Well maybe?"
Niall picked up his second hand and caressed my cheek tenderly. I felt his warmth against my cheek and I just wanted to scream with happiness. I had forgotten what it really felt to let anyone touch me. It was like an explotion on the skin and my whole body tingled. 
"Hope ..." he whispered and smiled weakly. "If you want we can meet often?" 
We already do ... 
Niall grinned and dropped my cheek. 
"I hope you're not afraid of me or that you think that I'm showing too much what I feel for you?" 
I just wanted to cry of happiness and hug him, but I kept quiet. 
"No Niall ..." I replied. "You're perfect, it's me who's weird."
He continued to smile and we started to walk again. He looked at me as much as he could. 
"And you're single?" 
I nodded directly and actually laughed. 
"I haven't had a boyfriend in my life." and that was no lie. "I haven't even kissed a guy." 
Niall seemed surprised. 
"Are you serious?" 
Since it wasn't a lie, I nodded immediately. 
"You could say that I haven't had the time or opportunity."
Niall stopped me and I was surprised when he stood in front of me. He took his hands around my waist and held me against him. 
"Then I want to be the first." 
I wanted to resist because I was afraid. I had no idea how to kiss a guy and least of all him.
"But ..." 
Niall brought his face closer to me. 
"Hope, just follow along and let me steer you. Do as I do." 
I nodded and closed my eyes. I felt his lips meet mine, and I felt how they got me to do the same thing. It tingled all over and finally I took my arms around his neck. I couldn't stop and he kissed me so perfectly. I really didn't want to return and be an ordinary angel again. I wanted to kiss Niall all the time and I wanted to feel his lips against mine. There was nothing more wonderful than a kiss, worldwide. It felt like a touch, a caress and it got all me screaming for more. A kiss was so perfect and I realized that kissing wasn't for idiots. Only people like Niall would be allowed to kiss.


"You can kiss!" Niall groaned when he finished the kiss. I didn't want to finish anything, but realized that the man hadn't eternity before him. I wanted to kiss Niall for all eternity, but couldn't. 
"You too ..." 
Niall smiled and looked at my face. 
"I'll teach you how to use your tongue in the kiss." 
I moaned and almost pressed me against him. 
"Sure ..." 
Niall smiled and once again met our lips. This time, I felt his tongue sought out mine. I realized what he wanted me to do and I felt throughout the body that also this kiss was perfect. Niall let his hands slide up and down over my back and he pressed himself against me. I felt how excited he was, as guys were before they had sex and I realized that I certainly was as much excited as he was. Although it was a new feeling and I didn't know how to handle my body. I wanted to feel his naked skin and I wanted to experience all the things that normal couples experienced. I had so many times seen the man do children and heard how they groaned. Was this so that they felt? Did they feel a tingling sensation throughout the body and a craving for more? I realized that it was wonderful to feel that way. It was as if the body decided and you couldn't stop it. I pressed myself against him and I didn't stop.


Nevertheless, we reached that point when both fell and felt uncertainty. I heard that Niall didn't want to jump into bed with me so quickly. He wanted to get to know me and he managed to get the body to calm down. We ended the kiss and walked toward his house. I realized that I couldn't follow him into the house, as the girl he thought I was. We would then just finish the evening in Nialls bed and I felt throughout the body that he didn't want to do that. 
"Call me tomorrow." he said and hugged me. "I really want to see you again." 
"I promise."

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