The Guardian Angel behind me

What would happen if your guardian angel fell for you? What would happen if one day you saw her? Would it work out between you or would your whole world turned upside down? This story is inspired from the movie "City of Angels"


10. Love

I was nervous when I sat in the car. Niall talked on about the sea and the cottage. The only thing I thought about was that I might drown. It felt so different all over me and I realized it was now I had a choice. I looked at Niall and enjoyed his presence. Did I wanted to become human? I don't even remember what it was like to struggle and be fatal. It was so long ago and the only thing that remained in my memory was my mom and my dad. I don't even remember if I had any siblings, I had no recollection of any siblings or if I had a relative? Now I had to possibly change history and become the person that Niall wanted.


"You will love the whole area." Niall got out and looked quickly at me. I smiled in response and put my hand against his thigh. I just loved having him next to me and I loved that he saw me. Everything with Niall was what I wanted and he was the answer to all my questions. 
"You are silent?" he got up and seemed almost worried for my sake. I chose to look at him, smile and try to be myself. 
"I'm just tired!" 
Niall took my hand in his and held it against his thigh. I felt him flexing muscles in the leg when he pressed the accelerator. 
"The others are looking forward to getting to know you." he got up and smiled at me. "Perrie have such high thoughts about you and she said she would take care of you." 
I laughed a little bit. 
"Should I be looked after?" 
Niall nodded and gave me a mischievous glance. 
"You never know what you might find out to do?"
Again lies. I knew I would jump in the water, but after that everything wasn't clear. Maybe that Perrie would stop me and say that I couldn't? Maybe it wasn't intended that I would leave my work. Yet I didn't want to go back and be an angel. I wanted to be like Perrie and Eleanor. I wanted to be a woman and I wanted to know everything that they felt inside their bodies.


The cottage was just as wonderful as I remembered it. Niall had been there when the guys got into the competition and created the group. I remembered how much fun they had and what a joy they had. Now they were older and maybe not as mischievous as before. 


Niall and I got one of the rooms with a window facing the sea. I loved that room and one time I had wondered how it felt to be in there. I sat down on the bed and swallowed. I had to make my choice. Would I do that Gabriel had said? 


"Your absent again ..." Niall mumbled and lay down across the bed. He pulled me down so that I ended up on top of him and he laughed a little bit. "What are you thinking about?" 
I wanted to tell him the truth. Still, I was a coward. 
"Niall, I ...." 
He took his arms around my waist and made me groan at. He kissed me and pressed me against him. 
"Don't brood!" he murmured, and let his hands slide over my back. I felt my whole body tingled and I felt our bodies became as one. I responded to the kiss and felt Nialls pushed up his boner against me. 
"We have time ..." he mumbled. "I want you here and now!"
He pulled up my dress and pulled my panties off. I kissed him more intensely and I immediately snapped up his fly. Niall pulled down his pants and underwear. He kicked them off and spun around so that I ended up underneath him. I spread my legs and let him take the controls. He penetrated and fast he got me to wail. I loved the feeling of being one with him and I loved the feeling that he touched my bare skin.


I was in a fog and I just felt Nialls body. I was only aware of him and I felt how he bounced against my body. I felt how his meat filled me and he made me shake. I took her legs around his waist and let him pick up the pace. Niall took his arms around my legs and pulled them up over his shoulders. He sat down underneath me and I saw how he worked with the entire body. He let a hand slide down between my legs and he started to move his fingers over my clit. I whimpered, I moved towards him and I let my body shake. Niall built up my climax and I felt how perfect everything was. In this moment I was ready to drown. I was prepared to die for his sake and I realized that human life belonged to me.


Afterwards lay Niall down on top of me and he was breathing rapidly. I felt his breath on my cheek and we were both tired. I wanted him to remain on top of me. I never wanted to let go of him and I wanted him to feel loved. I closed my eyes and I sucked out all the details right at that moment. I heard the ocean waves outside the window. I heard the seagulls that flew in the sky. I felt Nialls scent mixed with sweat and semen. I felt his body was sweaty and I let my hand slide across his back. At the second I listened to everything and I felt everything. It was like a magical moment and at that moment I made the decision. I would give him everything!


"Honey?" Niall whispered and made me wake up. I swallowed and opened my eyes. 
He kissed me on the cheek and I felt how he kept his arms tightly around my body. 
"I love you and I thank God every day that you are with me." 
I smiled and I could feel the love flowing from him. 
"Niall you are just too perfect!" 
He laughed a little bit and lifted his head. He looked into my eyes. I loved his eyes so much. 
"Hope, you are so unique and I intend to spend the rest of my life to just be with you." 
I now wanted to tell him my secret. I wanted him to understand, but still, I was silent. I didn't dare, and I couldn't.


I went down to the beach along with Perrie and I looked out over the sea. Here I would die and I would be reborn. It felt so strange, but now I wanted. 
"Niall love you!" Perrie got out and she looked at me closely. "You know that he has never felt so for a single girl before?" 
I met her gaze. I knew, but I couldn't tell her. Perrie smiled and stood beside me. 
"You are lucky!" she whispered kindly. "I would also like to know that wonderful feeling as you feel." 
I laughed quietly. 
"But you do?" 
She nodded a little bit. 
"Well, I feel love, but not intoxication. I'm not as drugged anymore and I feel Zayn within and without., He's my husband, and it's with him that I want to live."
I felt her feelings for Zayn and I knew that they would live their lives together. They belonged together, and they would remain happy. 
"You fit together." I got out. "Zayn loves you just as much as you love him and he will do everything for you." 
She smiled and looked dreamily out of the water. 
"I hope so, I can't imagine life without him." 
I realized that I felt the same thing, but for Niall. I couldn't imagine a life without him and he was my everything.

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