The Guardian Angel behind me

What would happen if your guardian angel fell for you? What would happen if one day you saw her? Would it work out between you or would your whole world turned upside down? This story is inspired from the movie "City of Angels"


14. Going home...

I froze and I felt how I landed against sand. I felt my whole body ached and I was coughing up water out of my lungs. I froze and my skin ached with cold. 
"She's alive!" 
The voice sounded relieved and I felt a blanket laid over my body. I couldn't open my eyes and I couldn't think. I understood that an ambulance came and I realized that they put me on a gurney. I fell asleep and my whole life was a mess. I felt very much in the body and when I woke up I noticed that I was lying in a hospital.
"You almost drowned!" a voice said, "But you're okay now and your values ​​are good. Are there any relatives who we can call?" 
I was startled and just stared at the girl. 
"Do you see me?" 
She laughed and nodded. 
"Well you're not dead." 
I swallowed and felt the whole throat was hurt. I tried to think clearly. 
"Niall Horan!" 
She noted. 
"Does he have a phone?" 
I nodded and gave her the numbers. 
"And say that Hope is here." I whispered to finish.


I no longer heard the thoughts of others and I couldn't take myself away from the bed. I felt hopeless and actually I realized that there were many things that I was missing. I missed to fly around and not knowing what would happen. Now I was just waiting for the body would perk up and I could take myself like walking girl from the room.


"What the hell!" I heard Niall say and immediately I opened my eyes. I saw him just staring at me and he sat down on a chair beside the bed. "What happened?" 
I swallowed and smiled. 
"I was reborn." 
Niall didn't understand. He took my hand and looked into my eyes. 
"I can't understand everything that you telling me..." then he smiled. "I missed you." 
I smiled and realized I no longer knew what he felt for me. I couldn't read his mind and I couldn't feel his emotions. 
"I chose to die!" I got out of me in an attempt to explain. "To be human one must first die. I'm not an angel anymore." 
Niall was actually surprised. 
I raised my eyebrows and he realized why. I didn't need to tell him any reason, he already knew.


It hurt to walk on my legs. It felt like a thousand needles and my whole body was like a big sack. Yet borrowed Niall a wheelchair from the hospital and forced me to move back to his house. 
"We're going to pull this off!" he said to the doctor. My doctor looked suspiciously at us and then he saw at me. 
"And you want to leave us, you're not well yet and it will take time." 
I smiled. 
"I'm going with Niall and I want to go home."


Being human felt strange. The scents around me was different and the sounds were so low. I no longer heard the birds in the sky and I no longer heard what others were talking about. I felt scents, but it was much less flavor from when I was an Angel. It felt like I got into a new world and everything was new.


"How is it to be the angel?" Niall asked as we sat in his car. He drove out of the parking lot and smiled at me. "Is it fun?" 
I looked at him and laughed a little bit. 
"Depends on what you mean by fun. It's lonely and it's pretty boring in the long run." 
He shook his head and liked the subject. 
"I'd love to be the angel." 
I smiled at him. 
"You would have fit like an angel." I whispered. "You have a big heart and you care."
Niall looked at me and I saw the love in his eyes. 
"Thank you darling. I hope you don't change your mind about this, about us?" 
I shook my head. 
"I want to be fatal and I want to live with you like normal people." 
He smiled and seemed satisfied. 
"And I want to live with you. Weeks without you was like one long night and I didn't think you'd come back." 
I never mentioned that I had been at home with him. I didn't tell him that I had seen how badly he had felt. Maybe it meant that I lied? Yet, I didn't say things that could get him to back off again.
"Now I'm here ...." 
Niall nodded and took my hand in his. He put my hand on his thigh and I could feel his muscles when they where working on the gas pedal.


It was nice to come home to Niall. His phone started to ring and he had to explain to everyone that I was back. He lied and said I needed to think through what I wanted. Now, we had decided to continue. I couldn't help but smile and I knew he really kept his promise. He wouldn't tell the truth to a single living human being. We had a secret and we kept it.

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