The Guardian Angel behind me

What would happen if your guardian angel fell for you? What would happen if one day you saw her? Would it work out between you or would your whole world turned upside down? This story is inspired from the movie "City of Angels"


4. A chance to be seen

I was with Niall for a year and I realized that I felt much more for him that what I would. I followed him through the setbacks and successes. I learned everything about him and was with him at home in Ireland. It was as if I was in heaven, but he didn't see me. He didn't hear me and he didn't show that he knew of my presence.


One day I came across a new angel, or maybe not new? He was called Martin and was one of the mischievous. He just started to see me and he seemed almost happy. 
"A female angel?" he said cheerfully and almost hugged me tight. "I've only met those boring and finally I meet you, one who's my age. My name's Martin and I have been in this condition for two thousand years." 
He babbled on and I could no more than laugh at him. I saw that he was one of the most talkative. Niall was still up on stage and didn't need me.


"So what's your mission?" he got up and looked at me from the bottom up. I pointed directly at Niall, who for the moment was playing on the guitar. 
Martin snorted and looked quickly at Niall. Then he looked back at me. 
"So you are a guardian angel? No warrior or defender?" 
I shook my head and smiled weakly. 
"I actually chose to protect him on my own. Gabriel didn't want me to do this at first, but I convinced him." 
Martin was impressed. 
"Oh, you are such a person? I didn't think anyone could convince him?" 
I blushed and looked down at the ground. 
"Well, I could!" 
"So why are you doing this with that Niall then?" 
I was honest, I told him the truth. 
"I love him, but it's just you and Niall who know about it ..."
Okay! Martin's reaction was like a teenager. He lit up and he got me to just blush more. He pushed easily to me. 
"Oh, so he knows about it?" he got tantalizingly out of himself. "So Niall know you're here?" 
I shook my head and looked up in surprise at him. 
"He's never seen me or heard me or something., I whisper it to him when he sleeps." 
I looked at Martin that he was surprised. 
"You don't know about the fact that we can be seen by mortals, right?" 
I swallowed. 
Martin smiled weakly. 
"You can circumvent that law by wanting to be seen. We have a choice that we can be seen, but he will not see you as an angel but as a regular person." 
I didn't believe Martin.
"You're funny!" I got out of me. He smiled and we saw girl standing and checked the messages on her mobile. Martin gave me a sign to follow him with my eyes, and he walked up to her. 
"Excuse me, love!" he got out. "What time is it?" 
I was surprised when the girl looked up and met his gaze. She smiled and answered the question. Martin thanked her and then came back to me. He showed with the whole body that he had rewarded me. I was flabbergasted. 
"But how?" 
"By being seen. It's you who must allow them to see you. We can practice if you want? I know you have the ability in you, too."
I looked back at Niall and realized what this meant. 
"So he can see me, feel me, touch me, if he wants?" 
Martin nodded. 
"The difference is that you will not grow old, you don't feel pain when you fall and you have a habit to stand out from a crowd. He will see that you aren't like everyone else, and how you handle it is up to you..."
I was surprised. 
"So hugs and things that couples do?" 
Martin smiled. 
"Yes, and you can have sex!" 
I blushed immediately and looked down at the ground. 
"I don't think it goes that far, but thanks for pointing that out."


Okay! That was an opening! It took me a few days to learn the trick. I must admit that it felt wonderful when an old woman asked me for directions. I felt like a new girl and Martin was proud of his pupil. 
"One thing only." he got out. "You can't show yourself all the time and you must understand that you are still his angel. Failure to do your job's task, it could cost him his life." 
I nodded, 
"And what else?" 
Martin smiled. 
"You notice it over time. When you are in a room, it's enough that you want one person sees you. The others will also discover that you are there. You can't just show up for one person."


Even though I had the chance, I hesitated. It went past several months before I even thought about showing myself for Niall. Then I didn't want him to see me, because he successively found other girls attractive. Okay I was jealous, but I knew my place. I was behind him and I decided nothing for him.

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