my saviour

young Kasy(17) moves to London with her abusive stepfather. whilst shes there she meets the 5 greatest people you could ever meet.


3. new people

Kasy's POV

Louis helped me into the car, he got in after me. there were 2 others in the car, both at the front. the one driving had curly, brunet hair. the other had his hair styled into a quiff. I couldn't see either of their faces which made me a little scared. I moved closer to Louis and he chuckled sensing I was scared.


"this is Harry and Zayn" he said gesturing his hand towards them.


I stayed quiet.


"you must be Kasy?" the one I assumed was Harry.


I nodded. I couldn't speak, I hated talking to new people, but something about Louis made me trust him. the rest of the car ride was just the boys talking, I didn't pay attention to anything they were saying.


I was thinking about how my stepdad would react to me leaving, what would he do? I was scared to find out.


my thoughts were interrupted by Louis nudging my arm. I snapped out of my thoughts and followed him out the car. he lead me up to this big 2 story house. Harry and Zayn were already inside. Louis took my arm and walked me inside. I stared around in amazement. it was so neat and clean and everything was just perfect.


Louis pulled me along into the main room and there were another 2 guys sitting on the sofa. the blonde boy stood up and walked towards me. I tightened the grip I had on Louis.


"hey, I'm Niall" I quickly smiled at him.


he walked into what I think was the kitchen.


Louis sat down on a sofa and I followed his lead. there was an awkward silence before someone spoke.


"I'm Liam by the way" a boy with a birthmark on his neck said.


I smiled, "hi"


everyone stared at me.


"so it speaks?" harry said laughing with Liam.


I laughed a bit but then stopped. I leaned my head on Louis' shoulder and my eyes slowly closed. I heard some shuffling and I was soon being held in someone's arms. they were comfortable, I could lie there all day but they placed me on a bed. I fell asleep not long after.

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