my saviour

young Kasy(17) moves to London with her abusive stepfather. whilst shes there she meets the 5 greatest people you could ever meet.


4. mcdonalds.

AN: sorry for the late update, laptop kept mucking up, but here you go and enjoy!


Kasy's POV


I woke up a few hours later. it was dark outside and I couldn't see. I looked around and didn't know where I was. I started panicking. I got off the bed and tried to figure out where I was. I couldn't find the door since it was dark. I pulled on my hair getting scared. I fell to the floor on my knees and started to cry. I heard footsteps come from right outside the room. I moved until my back was against a wall and hugged my knees crying into them.


the door opened and the person turned the light on. I looked up with tears in my eyes. my vision was blurred but I could see his curls Bounce as he jogged his way to me and kneeled down next to me. he wrapped an arm around me and I flinched at his touch.


"shh, its okay, don't cry"


I moved closer to him.

just then Louis walked through the door with a toothbrush in his mouth.


"oh my God, what happened?"


Louis took over harry and sat next to me cradling me in his arms.


"I don't know, I just heard something, came in and she was sitting here crying"


I heard footsteps and I'm guessing harry left. I looked up and I was right.


"I'm sorry" I whispered to him.


he rubbed my arm gently. "its okay, just relax"


we stayed there for awhile before someone else came through the door. it was Niall.


"hey, Harry told us what happened. everything okay?"


I nodded into Louis' chest as my way of saying I was okay.


"yeah, everything's fine"


Niall walked out the room and I looked up at Louis who was already looking at me.


"where's all my stuff?"


I needed to change my clothes. I was in the same hoodie and trackies I was wearing before I came here yesterday.


he stood up and left the room, he came back a minute later with my bag. I took out a white tank top and another pair of baggy trackies. Louis left me to change.


after I was done I walked out the room looking around the hallway. I saw an open door and went towards it. I was thankful that it was the bathroom. I walked towards the mirror to see tear stains down my face. I washed my face and then left the bathroom.

I was walking around the house, looking at everything when I bumped into Zayn.


"shit, sorry" I smiled at him and nodded, as did he.


"the lads are all down in the main living room if you want to join us?"


I still felt uncomfortable around them but I guess I'll have to try and become friends with them.


"ok" I replied.


he walked into his room I think and came out a few seconds later. he lightly grabbed my wrist and we walked to where everyone else was. Zayn sat between Niall and Harry, I took a seat by Louis.


he turned his attention from the boys and looked at me.


'we were gonna go out and get breakfast, wanna come"


I nodded.


"I haven't eaten in days, I'm starved" I said quietly, so only Louis could here.


he looked at me confused.


"did you not eat at home?"


I shook my head


"I've only had a few things since we moved here"


he gave me a quick hug "well you're hear now, you're welcome to anything you want"


I smiled up at him.


"so when we leaving?" Liam asked.


"now if you want" Niall said.


we all got up and I stayed close to Louis. we got into a van, Liam was driving, Niall next to him. then it was harry and Zayn in the middle and me with Louis in the back. we drove to a McDonalds and everyone got out.


"do you want to come order with us?" Louis asked.


him, Zayn and Niall were going up to get food. I wanted to but I need to speak to the guys more.


"no thanks"


he smiled at me


" what do you want to eat?"


I wasn't sure because i had never been here before.


"I don't mind, you choose" I smiled and went to sit with Harry and Liam.


"hey, you feeling better?" Harry asked.


I nodded, "yeah, I just got confused and scared, that's all" I said just louder than a whisper.


they both nodded.


"if you don't mind me asking, why aren't you with your mum or dad?"


oh god, why did Liam have to ask. tears were threatening to spill


"i-i, can we not talk about, excuse me, I need some air" I quickly got up and went outside.


I stood there for a few minutes, tears slowly coming down my face. then Liam came out.


"I'm sorry, I probably shouldn't have asked that"


I looked up at him and saw he was really sorry.


"its fine, I just can't talk about any of that yet" I said quietly as I had done before.


"c'mon, I don't know about you but im hungry" he laughed.

we went back inside, I wiped my tears away before sitting back with them. Liam sat where he was before and I sat next to Louis.


he leaned in and whispered "you okay?"


I nodded with a smile. there were 2 trays with food on them and then Niall came over with another tray, whilst Zayn had the drinks. Zayn handed out the drinks to everyone. I drank half of mine as soon as I got it.


"woah, someone's thirsty" Harry said, making everyone laugh.


I just blushed and looked at the table.


Niall had handed out some food and when it got to my food I had large fries with a double cheeseburger. I started munching on the fries straight away. everyone looked at me making me blush more.


"she's eating more than Niall is" Zayn said to Liam.


I looked to Louis in confusion.


" why's that so weird?" he just laughed, confusing me more.


"Niall eats, a lot, like every time there food, he's already eating it" I looked at Niall and he didn't look like the type to eat a lot.


I shrugged it off and continued eating. I finished my fries and cheeseburger before anyone had finished one, except Niall who was now on his fries. I was finishing of my drink when a girl squealed behind us.


" omg, you're one direction!" I tried to not be noticed by her, which was going well.


the boys got up and took a photo with her and signed some stuff.


they came back a few minutes later.


"whats One Direction?" I asked them.


they all started at me in shock.


"are you being serious?" Harry said.


I nodded slowly.


"its our band, were famous" Zayn said with a smug smirk.


"so you can sing?" it came out more of a question.


" we'd be a pretty shit band if we couldn't" Liam said.


"can I hear you?" I asked hopefully.


"maybe later" Niall laughed.



when we got back to the boys' house we had a Disney marathon. we were in the middle of watching monsters inc when I slowly drifted off.

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