my saviour

young Kasy(17) moves to London with her abusive stepfather. whilst shes there she meets the 5 greatest people you could ever meet.


1. london.

kasy's POV
its been a week since me and my stepdad moved to London. we used to live in Scotland but my mum sort of... died. she was murdered about a month ago. the police had no leads to who it was which made it harder to deal with. my stepdad forced me to move here to get away from our old house, too many memories of her he said.

I was glad to be leaving that place. a week after she died my dad came home drunk and he, well, he raped me. he's done it a few times.

I was sitting in my room thinking about mum. I missed her so much. a tear rolled down my face and I quickly wiped it away. I heard the front door open and left my room to see my dad completely drunk. I went over to him to try help him to his bedroom to sleep.


I brought him to his room, with struggle. I was about to leave back to my room when he pushed me against the wall.


" what are you doing?!"


he pinned my shoulders to the wall. he moved one hand to my shirt and started unbuttoning it.


"oh my god! get off me!"


I tried pulling his hand away but he hit me.


" what is wrong with you!"


it hurt a lot but I tried to hide the pain. he grabbed my arm and pushed me on the bed. he used one arm to hold me there whilst the other travelled to my jeans undoing the button, then the zipper. he slowly pulled them off. I screamed for help but no one came. more tears came done my face.

end of flashback

I tried to stop thinking about it but the image of my own dad raping me was stuck in my head.




his clear Scottish accent boomed through the house. it was still quite empty since we just moved.




I walked up to him, faking a smile.


" I need you to go to the shop for some bears" typical.


"I'm 17, they won't sell to a minor, and why can't you go?!" I regretted those words as soon as I said them.


he stood up and hit me across the face, I stumbled backwards and fell. he kicked my stomach and laughed.


"stupid girl, do you not remember what happened last time I went for myself?" it was yesterday and he started a fight with the cashier. they've banned him from going again. " and who said anything about them selling you it?"


I got up, wincing from the pain. I walked outside and headed to the shop. there was a couple of cars so it wouldn't be empty. I walked inside and headed to the alcohol section. I looked around and saw no one so I took this as a chance to sneak some bottles into my jacket pockets. I managed to get four bottle s then I thought I should probably get back.


I was walking home but must have taken a wrong turn because I ended up in an alleyway. I went to turn around when someone came up behind me and started hugging my waist. I pushed them off me.


"oh baby you know I was just having some fun" he reeked of alcohol.


"don't touch me" I said trying to get past him.


he pushed me against the wall and started kissing my neck. he got lower and unbuttoned my shirt. I tried pushing him away but he was stronger than me.


"HELP!!!! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!" I screamed.


the man pushed me to the ground. "now that was very sensible was it?"


he came closer. he came down to almost my level and took my face between his finger and thumb.


"no ones coming to save you" he stood back up and kicked me in the stomach. I screamed out because of the pain.

the guy started walking away. I felt the beers in my jacket smash and started leaking. I layed in the alley, tears streaming down my face. my eyes were closing and I saw a dark figure walk towards me. before I knew it my eyes had closed.

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