my saviour

young Kasy(17) moves to London with her abusive stepfather. whilst shes there she meets the 5 greatest people you could ever meet.


2. Him

Kasy's pov


when I woke up I was in a hospital room. all I remembered was the guy in the alley. I looked around and saw a boy sitting in a chair beside me.


" oh thank god you're awake" he stood up and came closer to me.


I moved away from him but still sat on the bed. he stopped.


"oh sorry, my names Louis, what's yours?" he put out his hand for me to shake it.


I took it and replied. "Kasy"


I couldn't help but stare as his face, I knew him from somewhere but where. after a few minutes of staring he spoke


"the hospital called your Family, they're on their way."


my eyes widened and tears fell out them.


"its alright love, you're okay"


I couldn't go back with him. I was scared of what he might do, I caused all this fuss for him. he would be so mad at me.


"please," I cried "don't make me go back"


he had a confused look. "what do you mean?"


more tears escaped. "don't let him take me, please"


he sat next to me on the hospital bed and wrapped his arms around me. I cried into his shoulder.


"shh, its alright love"


I kept crying until the door opened and my stepdad came in.


"and who the fuck are you" he said staring at Louis.


I kept my eyes closed out of fear. my dad threw a small bag at me, it was filled with some of my clothes,


"get changed were leaving" I did as he said and went to the bathroom to change.


I came out and only Louis was there.


"w-where is he?" I asked.


he looked up from his phone and replied "he went to the main office to sign some stuff. have you got a phone?"


I nodded, it was a cheap one that only I knew about, I bought it when mum was still here and they actually gave me an allowance. I showed him it and he took it off me, clicking some buttons then gave it back.


"that's my number, if you ever need to talk just call me"


I nodded and my stepdad came back into the room.


i quickly put my phone into my pocket before he could notice it. my stepdad pulled on my arm and we left the hospital.


"when we get home you're in so much trouble"


I was more scared than ever at what he would do.


we got home and he pushed me through the door, I tripped and fell to the floor. he pulled me up a little by the hair, ripping a few out.


"where the fuck do you think you were?" he said with gritted teeth.


"it wasn't my fault!" I said with a few tears.


he let go of my hair and kicked me in the stomach a few times.


" go to your room and don't come out until I say so!"


I got up quickly and ran to my room.

I layed on my bed, curled into a ball and just cried. i then remembered Louis. I took out my phone and called him, trying to stop crying. he picked up on the third ring.


"Louis! please help me!" I couldn't help but cry.

"kasy? what happened? are you okay?" he fired questions at me.

"please, just help me, I'm scared" more and more tears came out

"its okay, where are you?"


I gave him my address and told him to wait outside and not to knock. he hung up after that. I grabbed a bag and put a few clothes, phone charger, tooth brush and hair brush in it.


I quietly opened my bedroom window I climbed out it. I did gymnastics when I was younger so it wasn't difficult climbing down. I got to the bottom and saw a car and Louis get out. I ran to him and hugged him tightly.


"thank you" I whispered quietly to him.


he rubbed my back and we both got into the car.

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