Sometimes It Hurts - Law and Order UK FF

A Law and Order: Uk Fanfiction. Sometimes in life it hurts. After the death of her sister Kate is confused, she had spent all that time worrying about her then suddenly she's gone. Feeling guilt that she should've helped her she turns to someone who just might help her. However unlikely. (please let me know if I should write more of this x)


6. You know this isn't over, right?

As they walked to work Kate had one headphone in, only half listening to what Jake was saying about the case. She was so focused on the song she was listening to she zoned out completely.


"Kate…" Jake said before he noticed her headphones. "You're not listening to me are you?"


He stopped and subconsciously she stopped too. He pulled her headphone out her ear making her look up. "Huh, sorry?" She asked.


He laughed, "Honestly trying to have a conversation with you this early is like talking to a revolving door."


She bit her and smiled. "Sorry." She gave him puppy dog eyes making him roll his putting his hand on her cheek.


"You're forgiven, beautiful." He kissed her gently. "Did you hear any of what I was saying?"




"No then." He laughed putting his hand on the small of her back as they started walking again. "What were you listening to?"


"Something my seventeen year old cousin downloaded…"


"What song?"


"Everything has changed." She smirked slightly wondering why she ever let her cousin use her phone when she was bored.


"Taylor Swift?"


"I had it on shuffle ok." She mock cried onto his shoulder trying not to laugh as she did so.


He laughed kissing the top of her head as they carried on their journey to the office.




"What do you think?" Jake asked her as they stood re-watching the interview on the screen.


"I'm not sure…" She shook her head.


"Does he look like a killer to you?"


"Everyone looks like a killer to me." She smirked.


"Do I look like a killer to you?" He took a step closer towards her.


"Yes, you kill my patience."




"Who said I was joking?" She asked before laughing slightly. "Not but seriously, everyone's capable of murder…"


"Are you?" He raised his eyebrows continuing their playful back and forth banter.


"You annoy me anymore and we'll find out."


"What have I missed?" Henry asked walking in not questioning why the two of them were stood so close together.


"Kate's threatening to kill me." Jake told him earning him a light punch in the arm.


"Am I 'eck as like" She groaned letting her accent slip in.


"So take her to court." Henry said with a small smile. "I meant on the case."


"Not sure." Kate told him, she'd decided to work the case after all. She was a lot calmer thanks to Jake. "We might have to get Ronnie to do some more digging because at the moment we've not got enough to prove beyond reasonable doubt."


Henry nodded before leaving again.


"I'll see you court then Miss Barker." Jake smirked and she glared at him before rolling her eyes.


"Jacob…" She shook her head. "In the time we've spent against each other in court already you've lost what…100% of the time, what makes you think it'll change now?"


"Touché, Katherine."


She smiled before they went back to watching the interview.



Kate opened the door at her Nan's house, seeing as she hadn't seen her Nan for a few days now she thought she'd better stop to see her before her and Jake joined the rest of the group for a drink.


"Nanna!" She called maybe a little too loud.


Jake laughed at Kate despite feeling slightly unnerved at meeting Kate's Nan.


"Kitchen!" Her Nan called back and he followed Kate through one of the doors.


Her Nan stood by the kettle "Must have sensed you were coming, Kathy." She smiled giving her granddaughter a hug. "Who's this?"


"This is…" Before Kate could finish she was cut off.


"Let me guess, tall, dark hair, suit, good looking. You must be Jake, Kathy's told me a lot about you." She smiled shaking Jake's hand.

Jake could see that Kate was mentally face palming herself. "I'd love to hear what…"


"Never said they were nice things, son." Her Nan joked and he was left wondering what Kate had been saying whilst she helped the older woman make coffee for them all.


Sat in the living room Jake noticed a photo; it was clearly of Kate as a teenager. Her Nan caught him looking. "You know, Jake…" She started and Kate could feel one of her Nanna's famous 'when Kathy was a kid' stories coming on and prepared herself for the embarrassment. "When Kathy was a kid she was like ten times more crazy and disorganized than she is now. Always in trouble."


"When?" Kate asked.


"The time you blew the science lab at school."


"I've apologized for that." Kate looked down seeing Jake's expression.


"Then there was the time when you were in year nine and…"


"I don't think he needs to know this…" Kate cut her off knowing where this was going.


"Oh I think he does." Jake smirked and she glared at him making him laugh.


"You'll have to excuse her, Jake; she doesn't like being center of attention."


Kate cringed putting her hand to her forehead trying to come up with a reason that meant they had to leave straight away. "Can we change subject from me please?"

Jake laughed, this was not over.

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