Sometimes It Hurts - Law and Order UK FF

A Law and Order: Uk Fanfiction. Sometimes in life it hurts. After the death of her sister Kate is confused, she had spent all that time worrying about her then suddenly she's gone. Feeling guilt that she should've helped her she turns to someone who just might help her. However unlikely. (please let me know if I should write more of this x)


4. What you're fighting for

Had something been about to happen between them? The thought was running through his mind as they crossed the road to the office. Something had been about to happen but she'd stopped it from happening. Had he been about to kiss her? Why had been disappointed when it didn't happen…? Kate was just his friend right? Ok. Who was he trying to kid? When he'd woke up in the middle of the night to find her asleep on his chest he'd not woken her up because he hadn't wanted to let go. The feeling of knowing she was safe, seeing she wasn't hurting, that even for the short of time she was in his arms she was ok…he hadn't wanted to lose that. He wasn't even sure on when he started feeling like this towards her. When she'd first joined the CPS she was the most frustrating person he'd ever met!


When Jake arrived at work the next day he was able to hear shouting from the end of the corridor. Realising the shouting was coming from his and Kate's office he approached confused. Walking through the door he found Kate and Henry arguing, Kate was angry and she had tears streaming down her face.


"Katherine would you…" Henry tried to say but Kate shook her head.


"Don't." She warned. "You'd clearly all be better off without me. I quit!" She exclaimed knocking everything off her desk before storming past Jake out of the office.


He looked over at Henry "What did you say to her?"


"She said she wanted to be taken off the case, that she needed time off. I asked her why and she just said personal reasons. I asked what could make her unable to work this case, it's not exactly complicated…"


"You idiot." Jake shook his head. "Her sister's funeral was two days ago."


Jake turned going to find Kate leaving Henry stood alone in their office, feeling bad at everything he'd said to the younger prosecutor.




Tears streaming her face and her blood boiling, Kate wasn't entirely sure on what she was doing. She barely noticed Ronnie who was walking towards her concerned.


"Kate, are you ok?" He asked and he went to put his hand on her arm but she dodged him walking out.


She knew she'd flipped. She knew she'd overreacted but she'd been keeping so much inside for so long, she hadn't even told Jake everything. There was so much she wanted to forget; those times where no one was listening. She couldn't tell Henry about Beth, he wouldn't understand. Not looking where she was going she walked straight into the middle of the road, not seeing the oncoming car.


An arm was suddenly around her stomach pulling her back to the pavement. She screamed.

"Kate it's ok. It's ok." She heard Jake's voice. He was still holding onto her tightly. "Kate?"

She closed her eyes trying to get her breath back. Falling apart in front of him was becoming a regular occurrence. Putting his arm around her he lead her away from the CPS building hoping to be able to calm her down.




It had taken a few minutes but Kate had managed to pull herself together for the what, third time in 72 hours?


"I just flipped I guess…" She told him. "I knew I had to get out, that I couldn't work the case…"


"But you didn't want to tell him about your sister." He understood.


"Yeah…" She nodded. "God I screwed up there." She ran her hand through her hair.


He put his hand comfortingly on her arm and she breathed in hoping she was done with crying.

"Kate, look at me…" He started having to put his hand on her cheek for her to make eye contact with him. "Holding it in is just going to make it worse, talk to me…"


"I can't…I don't know what do anymore…" She blinked, "Before at least I knew Beth was still alive. Now she's gone. What am I fighting for?"


He gave her a small comforting smile stroking her cheek slightly with his thumb. "You're fighting for yourself. Just stop for one second worrying about the people who don't give a damn about you and think about yourself. You're a strong person, Kate, but you're still human."


She laughed slightly looking down before back at him. "So what do I do?"


"You carry on. Remember what you said to me? Sometimes it hurts? Sometimes it will. Sometimes all those things you want to forget but can't will play on your mind, but they will as long as you keep them to yourself. You have to move past that…that's what you're fighting for."


She smiled, he was right of cause. Why was it so annoying that he was right? He still had his hand on her cheek he for a brief second looked at before looking back at him. He noticed her eyes flicker and was about to withdraw his hand but she stopped him by placing her hand over his. Searching her eyes he could see she wasn't stopping him. Kate had made up her mind, last time she'd run away, but she didn't want to run anymore.


Bending his head slightly he brought her closer to him kissing her softly.

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