Sometimes It Hurts - Law and Order UK FF

A Law and Order: Uk Fanfiction. Sometimes in life it hurts. After the death of her sister Kate is confused, she had spent all that time worrying about her then suddenly she's gone. Feeling guilt that she should've helped her she turns to someone who just might help her. However unlikely. (please let me know if I should write more of this x)


2. We ignore what we can't understand

Jake opened his eyes, in the time it took them to adjust to the dark he realized he was laid on the sofa. There was a light weight on his chest and he looked down to see Kate. How had they ended up like this? He remembered her coming round after her sister’s funeral, and he remembered her being upset. He didn’t though remember the two of them falling asleep on the sofa together. He noticed he had his arms around her, this situation was what, intimate? He wasn’t sure of anything anymore, especially anything about Kate. He didn’t want to wake her; god knows she could do with the rest. She seemed peaceful like all her pain was gone, if only for the time she was sleeping. He wasn’t about to take that from her. It had nothing to do with the fact he liked the feeling of her head against his chest at all.

His eyelids felt heavy, he was tired too. He closed them again gently rubbing her arm as he gently kissed the top of her head before going back to sleep.


He woke up the next morning smelling coffee, knowing it didn’t make itself he opened his eyes as Kate sat a mug on the coffee table in front of him. She saw he was awake and gave a small smile. “Thought I’d made it before I disappear…” he smiled back. “I promised my Nan I’d go and see her before work.”

“You ok?” He asked sitting up, she defiantly seemed to be more like her old self.

She nodded. “Thanks again.” She bit her lip before putting her coat on. “Bye...” she put her hand on his shoulder for a brief moment before disappearing out the door.


Once outside she hoped the fresh air would clear her head. She had woken up on the sofa with Jake with no idea how they’d gone from talking to sleeping…

Being honest (which her Nan had taught her to always be) she hadn’t wanted to get up. She had felt what? Happy? Safe? When she was with Jake and now she was walking the streets of London at seven o’clock in the bloody morning not entirely sure on her next move. ‘Ok. Home, Nan’s then work’ she decided in her head taking the right turn to go home.

Once home she showered and changed into her usual attire of skirt and blouse rather than the black dress she’d worn the day before to Beth’s funeral.

“Nan!” She called walking through the door of the old woman’s house.

“Don’t you ever knock?” Her Nan laughed from the living room pausing ‘the chase’ as her granddaughter walked in.

“I have a key.” Kate smirked sitting down on the sofa, resting her head against her hand as her leant on the arm rest... “Why do you watch that program anyway?” She questioned looking at the TV.

“It’s interesting.” She shrugged, “any way, the presenters a laugh.”

Kate smiled “if ya say so Nanna.”

“Where did you go last night anyway?”

Kate’s head snapped up to look at her Nan confused, “huh?”

“I rang the house phone to check you were ok and you didn’t answer…” She replied.

“I erm…went to see a friend.” Kate replied not wanting to give her Nan the wrong idea about where happened also not wanting to have to tell her she went to Jake for comfort rather than her.

“That partner of yours? What’s his name? Jake?”

“Mmm.” Kate nodded standing up. “Well I best be off otherwise my boss will be calling a truant officer.”

“Avoiding the conversation very you, Kathy.”

“I’m going.” Kate said in a sing-song voice walking out of the door shaking her head. ‘Good escape, Kate’ she thought to herself as she shut the gate behind her.


Jake was in first, he always was. The office was silent when there was just him. He was all for peace and quiet but the silence before Kate arrived annoyed him immensely. In attempt to distract himself from thoughts of his friend he began looking through the case Henry had given him the day before. There wasn’t much information on it yet and both he and Kate would have to go and speak to the suspect with the police later but until she arrived he just had a few crime scene photos and what background information on the victim and suspect. After starting at the pictures for so long his vision went blank he ran a hand over his face rubbing his eyes before the door to the office opened and Kate walked in.

“Hey…” She said hanging her coat up before sitting down at her desk seeing the file. “New case?”

“Mmhm.” He nodded getting up and walking over to her desk. “Ronnie says they are positive about the man they’ve arrested but want us to go and check to see if they have got enough for prosecution later.”

He explained the case to her and they went over the background information and the crime scene pictures. She took it all in imputing different suggestions on what she thought the outcome would be should they push murder or premeditated and what the defense would say or try and throw at them in court. Again being honest her mind wasn’t always focused on the case, she was still thinking about what happened. The night before she’d only gone to Jake’s because well he’d asked her to come round and god only knows she needed someone to talk to. She hadn’t expected him to understand or be interested let alone for him to comfort her. She definitely hadn’t expected to wake up in his arms on the sofa!

“We best be going or Wes will be on at us…” She said checking the time on her phone.

Looking at his watch not to make it obvious he knew she was just looking for another distraction he agreed and the two got their stuff and left. Silence once again being resumed.

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