Sometimes It Hurts - Law and Order UK FF

A Law and Order: Uk Fanfiction. Sometimes in life it hurts. After the death of her sister Kate is confused, she had spent all that time worrying about her then suddenly she's gone. Feeling guilt that she should've helped her she turns to someone who just might help her. However unlikely. (please let me know if I should write more of this x)


3. Thanks for bothering

"Well you've got enough; it's just a question on what he's going to plead and what his brief goes with." Kate said as her and Jake stood with Ronnie in the observation room.


"Jury'll never believe he's innocent surely?" Ronnie sighed. He hated to admit it but of cause she was right.


"If he pleads self-defence you could be looking that way." Jake nodded, Kate's background as a defence barrister came in handy.


Kate didn't say anything for second, seeing the cases from this angle made her wonder how she could have been a defence barrister. Maybe that's why she changed sides, because she felt guilty. If she won a normal always guilty person walked the streets. Now, if they lost the guilty person would walk; couldn't really win either way.


She ran a hand over her face, she was tired. A case was the last thing she wanted right now. She had too much on her mind to be dealing with some trigger happy psycho. She knew she probably should've taken personal time off after she found out Beth had died but she hadn't wanted anyone to know about it, especially Jake. Henry was wary of her since the Pendle case but that wasn't what worried her, she just hadn't wanted Jake to know just how screwed up of a childhood she'd had. She hadn't expected him to be as understanding or as kind as he was. As she'd sat in his living room the night before she'd felt something change in them both…Snapping back to reality she continued with the case at hand. Not noticing the worried look from Jake.


An hour or so later Kate left, needing the fresh air. She leant against the wall of the bridge looking down to river then looking straight forward wondering what to do next. A lot of thoughts were running through her mind, most of them always connecting back to Jake. Why? Why was he in her head? It wasn't that she didn't like him she did, she was just confused. When the two had started working together she'd made a mental note that she'd never get close to him, he didn't even like her so she wasn't going to like him. Only she'd blown that one to pieces hadn't she?! There was something different between her and Jake, there had been for a while now. What was it? What even were they? Partners? Friends? More than that…? Suddenly smashing her head against the brick wall to knock some sense into herself seemed an idea.


"I'm looking for a friend of mine." A voice pulled her out of her day dream. "A pretty blonde woman who's had it rough lately but still thinks she can take on the world blind folded." She laughed slightly as Jake stood beside her. "I heard she needs either coffee or her friend..."


She smiled turning slightly so she could face him. "Can't she have both?"


He laughed "If she wants…" he handed her her coffee before they both went back to leaning against the wall. "Why do we always end up here?" He asked after a few minutes of silence referring back to the time after the Moran case when he'd gone walk about and she'd come looking for him.


"For the view?" She said sarcastically.


"Nice, cold view…" He noted on the fact it was February and both of them were wearing thin jackets. He held his coffee more warming his hand.


She rolled her eyes at him looking down. He watched her take a sip of her coffee, something was bothering her. He knew she must still be thinking about her sister, you don't get over anything that quickly. "Maybe it's just our place?"


Their eyes met not realising how closely they were stood together. "Maybe." Jake said still holding her gaze. She said nothing; she smiled at the ground breaking the eye contact they'd had for the past few minutes. She bit her lip, an annoying habit she would have to stop, before looking back up at him. It was only then that either really noticed the height difference between them, whilst she found it irritating it made him smirk. It was one of those moments between them that they both wanted to remember. Both feeling something, not knowing what it was but not ready to do anything about it.


In a space of less than twenty four hours they'd gotten closer, but neither knew what to think about it. Things were moving fast, almost too fast. Kate had never been close to anyone, she breathed in. As much as wanted to stay in this 'moment' between them she knew she had to break it because she didn't know what was going to happen next.


"Back to work?" She suggested.


Slightly disappointed but hiding it well Jake nodded. "Back to work."


The two turned and were about to cross the road when Kate put her hand on his shoulder. "Hey Jake…" she spoke softly.




"Thanks for bothering."

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