Sometimes It Hurts - Law and Order UK FF

A Law and Order: Uk Fanfiction. Sometimes in life it hurts. After the death of her sister Kate is confused, she had spent all that time worrying about her then suddenly she's gone. Feeling guilt that she should've helped her she turns to someone who just might help her. However unlikely. (please let me know if I should write more of this x)


9. Drowned

Everything just seemed to stop, seemed to be running in slow motion. She heard nothing, everything sounded like she was drowning. You know the feeling. When your in the bath or the pool and you dip your head under the water and suddenly the only sound is the blood pounding in your ears. Your body screaming at you to breath. She didn't know when they'd walked from the roof down to the streets below, she didn't even notice when a paramedic placed a shock blanket over her shoulders. She was so lost in her own mind she felt like everyone around her was moving whilst she stood still.


A hand slipping into her own pulled her out of her own mind. It was Jake and even though he had do many questions he said nothing. He simply sat beside her holding her hand comfortingly stopping her from trembling. After a minuet she fully took in he was there she rested her head against his shoulder and her put his arm around her.


"I'm sorry..." She whispered after a further few minuets.


"What for?" He asked.


"For everything, for not telling you about Silverman and my accident. I should've…said something...should've controlled myself more."


"This wasn't your fault, Kate." He told her. "You didn't have to tell me anything you didn't want to."


She looked up at him "Silverman just killed himself...he was ill and I pushed him into it."


"That's not what happened. Anyway, he'd already tried to kill you once before. He was mad then and even sicker now. This wasn't your fault."


She looked down then back at him. "I...I tried so hard to forget."


He held her tighter in his arms. "You can tell me anything, you know that right? I'm always going to be here for you."


She nodded against his chest. "I's just at the time...Ash was fifteen...she'd already lost both her parents, her mum to illness when she was three months old and her Dad in a blast in Afghanistan...I tried so hard to keep it together, for her, for Nan. For Beth if she was ever to come back..."


He sighed, she would always worry about everyone else before she worried about herself. He kissed her forehead "I don't blame you. You didn't do anything wrong."


She buried her head shutting her eyes. Sometimes it hurt, a lot.

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