Sometimes It Hurts - Law and Order UK FF

A Law and Order: Uk Fanfiction. Sometimes in life it hurts. After the death of her sister Kate is confused, she had spent all that time worrying about her then suddenly she's gone. Feeling guilt that she should've helped her she turns to someone who just might help her. However unlikely. (please let me know if I should write more of this x)


5. Deja vu

They pulled back slightly but were still close together. He smiled at her, his hand still on her cheek. "Shall we go and get your job back?"

She laughed "I suppose." She was not looking forward to this conversation with Henry at all.

They held each others gaze for a minute or so before he dropped his hand form her cheek but instead put his arm around her as they began the lengthy walk back to the office.



Henry was stood in their office when they arrived back. "Kate, I am sorry…" he started, both barristers shocked that Henry was both calling her Kate and apologizing.


"Sorry I overreacted…" Kate spoke begrudgingly under Jake's watchful eye.


Henry soon disappeared back into his own office as Jake helped Kate pick up all the stuff she'd knocked off her desk. Including the photo of her sister, the glass now smashed. Kate sighed running a hand through her hair as Jake took the photo out of the frame handing it to her.


"Thanks…" She smiled slightly.


The sorted out all of the files that had gone flying and put them back on her desk.


"You do know how to make an exit." He joked and she rolled her eyes.


"My Nanna always said I could be an actress…" She laughed.


"You've been acting the part of a lawyer for six years."


She playfully slapped his chest pretending to take offense. "Says him."


He laughed placing his hand on her hip "I don't think we'll be needed around for the rest of the day."


She smirked. "After my stunt, I don't think so either."


"Drink?" He suggested noting the time.


"You're paying."




The two then left, Henry once again confused to where the two barristers were going.




Awaking in the middle of the night Jake opened his eyes. A strange sense of de ja vu…looking down he saw Kate once again asleep on her chest. Only this time they were in bed rather on the sofa and he fully remembered how they'd got like this. He smiled kissing the top of her head, holding her more tightly in his arms knowing she'd still be there when he woke up again in like five hours time. He breathed in the sweet scent of her hair, happy that she hadn't avoided everything a second time. He closed his eyes again and went back to sleep



#Hey brother, there's an endless road to rediscover…# Kate's alarm sang. She groaned, she really had to stop setting the radio to wake her up because she always ended up with a different song stuck in her head all day. Half asleep she glared at her alarm. "Why are you going off?" She asked it.


"Are you talking to your alarm?"


She jumped slightly looking over her shoulder. "That's something you'll need to get used to…" She mumbled before turning off her alarm and falling back on the bed. "I fall out with things that wake me up…"


He laughed "I gathered that…"


"We best get up…" She rubbed her eyes.


Jake made no attempt to move and she stared at him for a second.


"Has anyone ever told you you're annoying?" She asked tilting her head slightly.


He sat up. "You, Alesha did, MIU, most the CPS…there's probably more…"


She smiled "come on sleeping beauty…" She managed to drag him (unwillingly) out of bed and they both got ready for work.

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