Exit Wounds - Law and Order|UK

Law and Order :UK fanfiction - A collision leaves Kate and Jake fighting for their lives and the rest of the team trying to find out what's happened. When one wakes up and the others still in a coma how will they cope?


3. Visions blurred

hospital waiting room

5:03 am

Ronnie had told himself not to fall asleep but then again even he didn't listen to himself. He had been woken up at around three when the surgeon came to tell him Jake was out of surgery and he'd have to wait till morning to see him. They'd had to put him into a coma to prevent any further damage being caused but weren't too sure on how long it would last hopefully not too long. If he responded well to the medication he should wake up. His phone buzzed at five past, his normal everyday alarm. He turned it off and looked around the room, he could probably recite every poster about drinking, smoking and drugs by heart, maybe even make his own. He shook his head, he needed coffee.

He got up and walked out of the room and down the corridor to the machine and put in his money before taking his drink. He lent his back against the wall as he looked at the TV screen opposite. He sighed shaking his head in annoyance as he saw the news head lines.

'Crown Prosecutors Jacob Thorne, 34 and Katherine Barker, 27, lay critically ill in hospital after collision...sources say it was no accident...Jacob tried to shield his fellow lawyer...' A picture of Kate and Jake came up on the screen and Ronnie asked the nurse to turn it off. Hadn't the vultures anything better to do? His friends might die for crying out loud!

He decided to go and see Kate, he didn't think there would be any change but he didn't like the thought of her being left on her own any longer than she already had been.

Police station

5:34 am

Sam sat at his desk, he'd been watching the CCTV footage of the crash on loop for over an hour and his vision was going blurred. He never saw anything different. Jake and Kate are driving normally when a car that for ten minutes had been stationed at the top of the street suddenly starts and speeds up hitting their car head on. He closed his eyes for a brief moment, he could never watch where Jake put his arm in front of Kate, holding her back from the full force of the impact. She'd gotten away with a bruise to the side of her head and the piece of glass that had cut into her chest slightly. Jake had two broken ribs, an injury to the head and a dislocated shoulder and was now comatose.

"You been here all night?" Angie asked making Sam turn round.

"huh? oh yeah...didn't feel right going home..." he replied replaying the footage again.

"How are they?" She asked pulling up a chair just as Wes walked in.

"Both still unconscious. They haven't said so in so many words but I think they hold more hope for Kate..." He said not really looking at either of them.

"They'll both be fine lov'..." She smiled though she didn't sound to sure.

"Where are we on the car registration?" Wes questioned.

"The car was reported stolen a few days ago, along with the three bank cards that were left in a wallet in the glove compartment..." Sam explained.

"Any record of them cards being used?"

"We're running it..." Angie nodded.

Sam rubbed his eyes, he was shattered, every time he'd tried to go to sleep he just kept replaying his last conversation with the two.


5:39 am

Ronnie was rambling about nothing to Kate when he noticed a change in the heart rate on the the monitor. It sped up but only the slightest little bit, it was normalizing. He saw her hand flinch so he went to fetch Dr Clark.

The doctor spent a few moments checking a few things before turning to Ronnie and smiling "This is good news, she's breathing on her own..." She spoke softly. "She's responding well and should wake up soon..."

"And she'll be ok?"

"I think so..." She nodded. "Her head injuries weren't so bad, it was just the glass that had cut her chest that we had been worried about when we'd stitched it and everyone reacts to things differently..."

"And Jake? Can I see him yet?"

"I believe so, I'll have to go and check with his doctor though..."

She then walked out of the room and he smiled at Kate. "Come on sweetheart, you've been sleeping long enough now..." he laughed slightly to himself. "You need to wake up to go and tell Jake to get his backside in gear..."

It was then he noticed her eyes flicker.

He smirked raising an eyebrow. "So you can hear me." He took a step closer. "Your not as deaf as you make out when Jake's trying to get you to listen to him..."

Her eyes flickered again. He could tell she was trying to wake up. It took her a minute but she managed to open her eyes.

She looked from one side of the room to the other, at first not seeing anything but then she saw Ronnie. Her green eyes staring right through him. Her throat felt raw making unable to say anything for a moment or so. Her chest hurt and she breathed in

"Welcome back..." He smiled slightly and she blinked.

"What...what happened? Where's...where's Jake...?"

Ronnie sighed looking down at floor before back at Kate. How could he tell her everything that had happened? It was obvious she cared about Jake, what would it do to her if he told her that Jake was lying in the next room in a coma after he'd put his life at further risk to protect her?

He sat down beside her and composed himself "It's a long story..." he started when Dr Clark walked back in.

"Jake's still comatose but you can see him now..." She said not seeing Kate was awake.

Kate turned her head slightly to look at Ronnie, she was worried and wanted answers.

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