Exit Wounds - Law and Order|UK

Law and Order :UK fanfiction - A collision leaves Kate and Jake fighting for their lives and the rest of the team trying to find out what's happened. When one wakes up and the others still in a coma how will they cope?


4. Tears

ICU 5:52 am

A tear drop rolled down Kate cheek as she shut her eyes trying to fight them back. Jake had saved her. 'why?' she asked herself. 'why would he do that?' Her chest hurt not just from where she'd been injured in the crash but something else, something more. The fact that...that Jake might die. Just the thought made another tear fall off her eyelashes, losing Jake? She couldn't bare it.

"Kate..." Ronnie sighed still sitting beside her. "I'm going to go and see him..."

"I want to see him..." She said composing herself.

"Not yet sweetheart..." he shook his head slightly. "later...they'll want to check on you first...that reminds me, i need to call Henry."

With that he left the room and only when she was sure he was gone did she allow herself to cry. She wiped her eyes on her palm running her finger through her hair. She wanted to see Jake so badly, needed to see to him. The door to the room opened again and Dr Clark walked in, but Kate didn't say anything just looked at her hands, the left one bandaged, it must have been cut in the collision.

ICU 5:54 am

Ronnie had to control his own emotions when he walked into the intensive care room where Jake was; he had a bandage on his head, his arm bruised. The continues beep on the heart monitor was back, so was the breathing tube.

He sat down beside his friend "you better wake up Jake..." he gave a small smile. "if you could see Kate in there..."

He looked around the room before back at Jake "she blames herself y'know...she hasn't said it yet but I can see it in her eyes. She's so worried about you...we all are. Even Henry. I know he's a prat sometimes but he cares about both of you, if you ever mention this to him i will get Kate to put hemlock in ya tea and don't think I won't..."

He looked at his phone texting Henry that Kate was awake and Jake was ok for visitors. He rubbed his eyes, he was tired but wasn't going to leave till Henry arrived.

"I don't know what's going off between the two of ya, but madam wasn't listening to a word I said till I mentioned your name. We'll get 'em Jake...trust me. And I've got a twenty quid bet on you and Kate being right as rain and all loved up when it happens...well maybe not loved up but you get my drift don't you mate..." He smiled. He had every intention on winning that bet, Jake had to wake up.

CPS office 6:01 am

Henry heard his phone buzz, it had woken him from a far from peaceful sleep. He saw the message that flashed up and quickly got to his feet, Kate was awake and would need her stuff that Angie had been and collected from her place. Good, now everyone just had to keep their prayers for Jake.

ICU 6:03 am

After Dr Clark had finished Kate looked her in the eye "Can I go and see Jake now?"

The doctor sighed "I don't know..."

Kate thought for a second before taking it slowly to put her feet to the ground and stand. "See..." She said. "I'm fine."

it was then that Henry walked in. "Kate? What the hell?"

"I want to see Jake..." She argued.

"I don't think it's a good idea just yet..." The doctor told him.

"Somehow that's not going to work with her..." told said before taking Kate's arm getting her to sit back down. "Ronnie is with him at the moment and he'll leave soon, it's one person at a time...you can see him then..." He smiled reassuringly. "Till then Angie threw this at me this morning for you."

He gave her the bag that had literally been chucked at his head earlier.

"thanks..." Kate said quietly. Before looking him in the eye "how is he, now tell me the truth because Ronnie did nothing but sugar coat it."

"Kate I'm..."

"please...I...i care about him..." Of cause she meant to say more than that but she didn't.

"He was rushed to surgery when you arrived last night and had to be treated for two broken ribs, dislocated lift shoulder and head injury. To prevent any further damage they put him into a coma and its only meant to be short term but everyone's different." He explained.

"so he might not wake up? That's that your telling me?"

he sighed "lets pray and think that it won't come to that. Jake wouldn't leave you to cope with me everyday would he? He wouldn't leave you..."

she looked down at her hands tears once again forming in her eyes; she just wanted everything to be ok.

"Everyone's working to find the guy who did this..." He added. He'd hated them before hated them even more now. The worst he'd seen Kate was angry, he'd never seen her cry. He knew she'd seem better when she got to see Jake.

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