Exit Wounds - Law and Order|UK

Law and Order :UK fanfiction - A collision leaves Kate and Jake fighting for their lives and the rest of the team trying to find out what's happened. When one wakes up and the others still in a coma how will they cope?


6. Living with the blame


8:06 am

Kate swallowed holding Jake's hand as Henry explained it was Thomson who had done this. Tears rolled down both her cheeks and Henry went to put his hand on her shoulder but she flinched shrugging it off. She suddenly felt so much anger towards him! It was his fault! He'd chosen not to accept the plea for manslaughter, he wanted them to push for murder, if they hadn't done that one of this would've happened…

"Don't touch me." She said not looking away from Jake.

"Kate I'm…"

"No! It's all your fault!" She sobbed "it's your fault!" She dropped her head onto the bed where Jake was, she couldn't cope.

"Kate…" Henry tried.

"Just get out!" She cried standing and pushing him back "Get out!"

Henry for a second couldn't say anything; he just looked at the young woman before turning and leaving as she collapsed into the chair in uncontrollable tears. She held Jake's hand again whispering to him softly telling him to wake up.

Henry got outside in the corridor and ran a hand over his face. Kate hated him and he knew she was never going to forgive him. He decided to go and call one of the others, Kate shouldn't be left alone.

Police Station

10:12 am

Thomson was arrested on the attempted murder of Kate Barker and Jacob Thorne, for all anyone knew it could actually be murder but everyone was still hoping for the best. From what they'd heard from Henry, Kate wasn't taking any of it well, not that they'd expected her to be ok but Henry said she'd shouted at him, pushed him, told him to get out. They had to admire the guts on the lass.

Ronnie looked at Thomson from the observation room, he'd made it a thing in life never to hate anyone really, except maybe the opera singer from the go-compare adverts but the hatred that he and everyone else felt against this guy…

Why did he do it though? What did he hope to achieve from killing the prosecution? Maybe he did out of anger, who knows? All Ronnie knew was that Jacob Thorne was in a coma and that's all he needed.

He walked into the interview room with Sam on a tight leash and sat down opposite "Mr Thomson…" he started. "No point on lying now…"


10:15 am

Kate was still sat in the chair beside Jake when Angie arrived. She gave a brief glance over to her before shutting her eyes again. She was too tried for anything anymore.

"Hey…" Angie said.

"Hey…" Kate almost inaudibly replied.

"How are ya?" Stupid question she knew but what else could you say?

"I'm fine…" Kate spoke rubbing her eyes "But Jake…"

"I know luv'…" She nodded.

"Thanks…" Kate looked at her "For getting my stuff…"

"It's ok…" She gave a small smile "spare key wasn't too hard to find either; you wanna be more security conscious…"

Kate laughed slightly.

"What?" Angie asked.

"Jake's always saying that to me…" She explained. "Though it normally something like 'you wanna be more flipping careful' or something…"

"Sounds like him…and what do you normally say to that."

"Either to mind his own bloody business or…or tease him about being worried about me…" Kate looked from him to back at Angie. "I know we argue like all day over stuff but we do get on…I..." she sighed. "Doesn't matter…"

Angie sighed; Kate didn't have to say anything she got what she meant. The way the two looked at each other sometimes, it was obvious. She sent a mental message to Jake to wake up ASAP, she wanted a happy ending.

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