Exit Wounds - Law and Order|UK

Law and Order :UK fanfiction - A collision leaves Kate and Jake fighting for their lives and the rest of the team trying to find out what's happened. When one wakes up and the others still in a coma how will they cope?


5. Guilt and pain

8:00 am

Soon, that's what Henry had told her an hour ago and in that time she'd been moved to a different room out of ICU seeing as she could walk and talk fine and there was no sign of brain damage. She wanted to see Jake but the doctors weren't finished yet. The only good thing to have happened was that she'd been able to get changed into the clothes that Angie had collected for her. She rubbed the back of her neck before lying back on the bed, she felt so tired and yes the doctors had told her to rest but until she saw Jake there was no hope in that.

Henry then walked in "you can see him now..."

Kate would've jumped right of the bed and run down the hall before anyone changed their mind had her chest not still been aching. Instead she got off the bed and calmly followed Henry to Jake's room.

police station 8:00 am

Sam had nodded off again when Angie appeared. She poked him in the shoulder waking him up and he rubbed his eyes.

"We've got a hit on the bank cards..." She explained. "There is a report of one of them being used two hours before the collision at a newsagents..."

"CCTV?" Sam asked.

Angie nodded. "They're sending it over...don't you think you should be going home, Ronnie called to say Kate was up and about and Jake was..."

"In a coma..." he sighed. "I'll go home when we've got this guy..."

ICU 8:02 am

Henry opened the door for Kate and she walked into the room where Jake was. She swallowed as she saw him. fighting back any tears that threatened to emerge she walked over to him and sat beside him.

"Jake..." She said taking his hand "I..." she didn't know what to say. "I'm sorry...why...why did you do it? Why did you..." She laughed slightly wiping her eyes, she was even having an argument with him when he was unconscious. "You better wake up, ok?" She whispered "If you think your leaving me to deal with all the psychos on my own you've got another thing coming pal..."

Henry knew that Kate wasn't going to be leaving Jake any time soon so he walked back to the waiting room and checked his messages, eh had one from Sam.

'Positive ID on Suspect - Daniel Thomson.'

Reading that Henry had to sit down, as though the guilt that had building up suddenly became too much to cope with. Thomson had been arrested on the account of murder, his brief had tried to get him on manslaughter and to keep it out of court, but Kate and Jake didn't accept the plea and were pushing for murder, only the case hadn't gone to trail yet, meaning Thomson had been able to get to them

Henry knew he had to tell Kate so he made his way back to the room where she was with Jake but stopped outside the door when he heard her talking to him.

"Please wake up..." she spoke her voice breaking as she was clearly crying again. "I lo...wake up..."

Henry felt his heart break and he took a deep breath and walked in. "Kate..." He started. "They know who did this..."

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