Exit Wounds - Law and Order|UK

Law and Order :UK fanfiction - A collision leaves Kate and Jake fighting for their lives and the rest of the team trying to find out what's happened. When one wakes up and the others still in a coma how will they cope?


8. Gotta love a happy ending

A day or so later Jake discharged himself saying other than a pain in his chest and shoulder there was nothing wrong with him. Him and Kate were going to meet the others in the pub, walking there rather than driving due to what happened last time they were in a car together.

"You sure your ok?" Kate asked him as they walked down the street away from the hospital.

"Sure..." he nodded but Kate still looked worried about him. "Hey..." he said taking her hands making her look him in the eye "I'm going to be alright."

"I known I know..." she sighed biting her lip slightly looking from the ground to back at him. "I just...I just don't want you back in there."

He smiled at her reassuringly still holding her hands. "It's going to be alright, Kate. I'm fine, your fine...you trust me?"

She smiled, the day before she'd told him she loved him, she hoped he'd heard her but he hadn't mentioned it, hadn't really said anything. But at that moment as they stood in the middle of the street him holding her hands they were closer than ever before.

Letting go of one of her hands touching her face bringing her closer to him, she smiled, ok so now they were mind reading...
His finger ran from her cheek to under her chin as she looked into his eyes. The kiss came to them natural after that his other hand still entwined in hers as they broke away a few seconds later though it felt a lot longer. They both smiled still only inches away from each other.

"I love you..." Jake whispered.

"Quite right." Kate smirked and he raised his eye brows as she laughed before kissing him again "love ya."

They both turned and started walking towards the pub again but this time Jake's arm around her and her in no doubt; they were both gonna be ok.

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