Exit Wounds - Law and Order|UK

Law and Order :UK fanfiction - A collision leaves Kate and Jake fighting for their lives and the rest of the team trying to find out what's happened. When one wakes up and the others still in a coma how will they cope?


1. Crashing through the doors

AN: I had to introduce you all to Law and Order: uk seeing as there is no fanfiction for this show on here at the moment :)


Ashes street


"You're such a liar..." Kate laughed as her and Jake drove down the street.

"Hurtful..." He smirked " I never lie..."

"No...you're just selective over what truth you tell..." She shot back checking the time on her phone despite the fact she was wearing a watch.

He smirked again not taking his eyes off the road. It was then that he saw it. Another car coming straight for them. It was too late to do anything as the car smashed straight into the front of their car.

Ashes street


Ambulances rushed on the scene desperate to get Kate and Jake to hospital. The paramedics soon saw that for some reason Jake's injuries were worse than Kate's. Which didn't make sense if they'd been hit head on.

Jake slipped in and out of consciousness and before closing his eyes completely he reached out for Kate's hand.

A police officer walked over to one of the paramedics as they put Jake in the back of the ambulance.

"We've found his work ID...his name is Jacob Thorne, he's a senior prosecutor for the CPS...the woman though...we don't know...we're going to call the director and tell him..."

The paramedic nodded before driving away.

Hospital 9:46pm

"Female, unknown name, mid to late twenties injuries to the head and chest..." Someone shouted as the wheeled Kate in.

"Jacob Thorne, 34, injuries to the head, chest and left side." Both of them were wheeled down for surgery as fast as possible. The difference in the injuries were clear.

"Doctor Clark." A young PC said and one of the doctors turned around. "We have the CCTV footage form the accident."


"Maybe you should look yourself..." She turned the Ipad in her had around for the Doctor to see the footage. The car at the top of the street spotting Jake and Kate and speeding up towards them, Jake putting his arm out to shield and protect Kate as much as he could.

"That explains why he has worse injuries...he saved her life..." Dr Clark sighed, "where are we on the woman's ID?"

"PC Tyler is dealing with it..."

CPS offices


Henry sat at his desk going over the case Kate and Jake had been working on, he smiled to himself, those two may find a way to argue over just about anything but they were a pretty good team.

He was about to pack up and leave when his phone rang "Hello?" he answered.

"Henry Sharpe?" A voice on the other end asked.


"I'm PC Brandon Tyler, I'm calling on regards of Jacob Thorne..."

"What's happened to him?" Henry questioned

"There's been a collision on Ashes street, he was driving one car when another drove into him, we have reason to believe it wasn't an accident His passenger was a woman, mid to late twenties, blonde from what we could tell...do you know who she is? His girlfriend maybe?" The PC explained.

'Some days I wonder...' Henry thought to himself "Katherine...erm Kate Barker, junior prosecutor..."

"Do they have any family you can contact? They were both injured quite badly..."

"None they'd like around...I'll have to check their emergency contacts though...I'll be at the hospital in half an hour..." he then hung up the phone and quickly logged on his computer, his hands shaking slightly as he was still unaware on how bad his friends injuries were. Yes. Although he would never tell them he thought of both of them as his friends...sometimes more like his children the amount of petty arguments he'd have to break up.

He pulled up both their files.

Jacob Thorne

emergency contacts; Kate Barker and/or Henry Sharpe.

He sighed, not very helpful when one was him and the other also fighting for her life

Katherine Barker

emergency contacts; Jake Thorne and/or Henry Sharpe.

He groaned 'are you kidding me!' He rubbed his eyes before calling Ronnie, he'd want to know what had happened. Henry told him and Sam to meet him at the hospital.



"Henry..." Sam started jumping out the car before Ronnie had even had chance to stop. "What the hell is going on?"

"How should I know?!" Henry exclaimed, annoyed at how Sam expected him to know everything. "I was just called saying they were both here and it was bad!"

Ronnie put one hand on either mans shoulder "calm down both of you..." he said. "Let's find out the situation..."

The three walked into the hospital and asked the woman at reception. She got a nurse to show the to a waiting room where a doctor would come and speak to them.

Sam shivered, he'd always hated hospitals, ever since he was a kid and had tried to do batman of his Gran's coal shed he'd always hated them. "I really don't like it here..." he made his thoughts known. "sick and death everywhere..."

The two older men looked at him sternly and he realized that what he'd said was obvious.

It was nearly forty minuets later when a doctor appeared and a surgeon followed her in. The doctor was a woman, probably in her mid fifties where as the surgeon was a man in his late thirties.

"I'm Dr Clark, Kate's doctor..." She introduced herself "and this was her surgeon..."

"She's out of surgery and has been moved to a room in ICU because we're not sure on when she'll wake up..." the man explained.

"She was lucky...her friend took most of the blow when he tried to protect her. We think they're both going to be ok but we can only hope..."

"Where's Jake?"

"still in surgery I'm afraid...but you can see Kate soon, though one at a time please..." The doctor nodded before leaving them.

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