The key to your heart

The night who changed my life..... (a Justin Bieber and One Direction story)


2. The test

I woke up in a random bed. I was so confused. Where was I ???? I looked to my left side and saw a boy. FUCK FUCK FUCK Lou was going to kill me!!!!!! The boy moved a little bit and I saw his face. It was the Justin Bieber! I was screwed. I jump off the bed, took my dress on and ran down the stairs. This was bad, reaaaaaaaaaallllyyyyy bad. I ran out side and called my best friend Sierra.


“I’m fucked Si!! Please pick me up” I almost screamed when she answered


“Calm down sweetie. Where are you?” She answered with a calm and soft voice


“This sounds crazy, but do you know where Justin Bieber stays in London?”


“what did you do there? Oh noo you didn’t ????” She screamed


“oh yes I did. Please help me Sierra “ I began to cry


“on my way sweetie. Don’t let any paps see you”


She hang up and I sat down on the pavement with my face buried in my hands. My first time was with Justin Bieber, a stranger. Fuck everything.  My phone started to ring. I looked on the screen. It was Louis.


“Hi Lou” I tried to speak normally


“WHERE ARE YOU LOTTIE?????” he screamed


“Calm down Lou! I am with Sierra. I didn’t wanted to wake you up” I lied


“Why didn’t you text me??” he said. He was angry I could tell


“Calm down Lou. I forgot sorry” I lied


“Just come home okay?” he sounded calm now


“on my way. Just need to eat some breakfast” my voice was calmer now


I hang up and sat down again. I just needed to forget this and go back to my normal life. This was just a little mistake.


Sierra stopped beside me and opened the car door


“come on sweetie. Don’t sit there” She said with the sweet voice


I walked over to her and sat beside her.


“then tell me what happen Lottie”


I told her about the party and how I drank a lot. I couldn’t remember the rest.


“so you fucked Justin Bieber and you can’t remember anything???” She said smirking


I slapped her playfully


“you are so inappropriate Si!!!!!! It is bad, not funny!”


She just laughed at me


“calm down sweetie. It was just a little one nightstand. No big deal” Si looked at me


Maybe she was right. It was no big deal. I just wanted to go home now and forget everything.


Sierra drove to my house and I walked inside. Everything was normal now


Justin’s p.o.v


I woke up in my bed with the biggest headache ever. I sat up and looked around. Last night was epic. I couldn’t remember how I end up here but fuck that. The bed was one big mess and I was naked. Wtf happened last night????? I looked at the floor and saw something silver. It was a necklace? I walked over (imagine Justin walk around naked omb omb omb) and took the necklace. I was a thin chain with a name in the middle. Lottie.



*3 weeks later*



Lottie’s p.o.v




Math was finally done. Sierra and I walked out of the classroom and to our lockers.  I was finally over the one night stand and I could relax around Lou now.


“Can I borrow a tampon sweetie” Sierra said interrupting my thoughts.


“yearh of course” I looked in my bag and found my little purse. I took one for her and my little journal felt to the grown. I picked it up and looked at it. It’s was almost 6 weeks since I had my you know what and that was unusual for me. I looked at Si. Her face was white and she looked afraid. I knew what she was thinking. Maybe I was pregnant.


We ran as fast as possible to the nearest pharmacy. This was the worst thing that was ever happened to me! We almost ran to the counter with the pregnancy test. I couldn’t look the shop assistant in the eyes. It was so embarrassing. A 15-year-old girl buying a pregnancy test??? She was 100% judging me. I could feel it.  We ran all the way to the underground, ran through London and all the way home.


 I walked in to the toilet shaking and freaked out. What should I do if the test was positive. I couldn’t be a mom now. I was only 15 and  still young.  This was so so so so bad. What was my parents going to say? How was Louis going to react? I opened to box, peed on the stick and sat down waiting. I stared at the test all the time terrified. This was so freaking bad. A little minus began to show and I was so relief. Until it turned into a plus. My heart 

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