The key to your heart

The night who changed my life..... (a Justin Bieber and One Direction story)


4. The secret is out

Justin’s p.o.v


Charlotte Tomlinson. The name was perfect. Sweet. Soft. PERFECT. Absolutely perfect. She was only 15 I knew that but I couldn’t forget her. Her sweet smile in the crowd. Her beautiful figure in the long red dress. I couldn’t remember our night, but I wish I could. She was flawless.


I wanted to meet her again. See her smile. I took my golden phone. Where was he??? I looked under N and found him. Niall-polish hahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahaa I was so funny. My phone started to ring. “Duuuuuu duuuuuu duuuu duuuuu “


“Hi brother“ Niall answered happy


“Hi Niall-polish” I laughed again. Best joke eveeeeer


“sup???” he laughed


“do you know Tomlinson’s sister Lottie???” I asked


“yearh of course…… why???” He was confused I could tell


“I talked with her at the afterparty a month ago…. Just need to ask her about something” I said with my bad ass voice  haha


“Okay I’m going to meet her today anyway. I will give her your number” he said after a couple of second


“thanks bro” I hung up and went to my living room. I couldn’t wait




Lottie’s p.o.v


“how do I look” Sierra wanted to look amazing cause Harry was coming. She had the biggest crush on him. Everyone knew that….besides Harry of course


“You look amazing sweetie” I hugged her and went back to my closet. I took a pair of high waisted shorts, a big pink sweater (to hide my baby bump of course) and some white convers. We were going to Liam’s today to hang out and watch a movie or something. Lou was out of town with Eleanor so I could relax a bit.


We walked outside to Sierra’s car and drove to Liam’s big villa 20 minutes from here.


“I can’t wait to see Harry” sierra almost screamed


“do you think he likes me?” She looked at me with big eyes

“Relax sweetie. Of course he do. You are flawless” I smiled at her


She smiled happy and lucky.  We were almost at Liam’s now. I was a bit afraid. Maybe they could se my baby bump? I hoped not. We drove to the house and walked inside. The boys ran to the door. I got the biggest hug from Nialler. Haha cute. Harry ran to Sierra and hugged her and almost lifted her up. I couldn’t stop smiling. They were so adorable together. I walked inside and sat beside Zayn and Perry in the couch. Everyone sat down and we started to talk. Sierra sat on Harry’s lap. CUUUTE. 


The film was pretty boring but it was nice to hang out with my friends / brothers. I was so hungry and ate like three sandwiches and a lot of ice cream and popcorn. The boys just looked at me like WOW GIRL.


 Suddenly I felt sick. Really sick. I ran to the toilet but I was to slow. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I held my hand up to my mouth.  The boys ran out to me. I was about to throw up. I ran very fast now to the toilet, sat down and my food from earlier was all over the toilet. Niall ran inside and held my hair. He was definitely like a brother to me.  When I was done he gave me a glass of water. He looked worried.


We sat down at the couch again. Everyone just looked at me.


“Lottie….. is there something you will tell us?”   Niall looked at me with his concerned face


“No! I ate too much. No big deal” I tried to lie


Zayn looked me in the eyes


“Charlotte Tomlinson! We know you and we know there is something wrong. And I hope that’s not what I think” He said


I began to cry. This was not the way I wanted to tell them. And I wanted to tell Louis before them. But I needed to tell them. I couldn’t lie again.


“I am……………….”


Niall stared at me. “you are what?” he asked


“I’m pregnant” I whispered.


Everyone was quiet…. They just stared at me


“you are what?” Niall whispered


“I’m pregnant” I lifted my sweater. The baby bump showed.


He stared at me like forever.


“who is the father. I’m going to kill him” Niall was angry now


“Justin” I whispered afraid


Niall looked surprised. Very surprised


“Justin called me today and asked for you…… I didn’t in my wildest dream thought that you two would… eww I can’t think about that” Niall screamed


I was surprised. This was amazing


“He asked for me??”  I said happy


“yearh…. You need to tell him Lottie. I deserves too know!” Niall sounded worried again in his own nialler way


I nodded. Yearh he did. But how should I tell him and how should I tell Louis.


“do Louis know this” Zayn interrupted my thoughts


“No I can’t find the right way to say it” I whispered again


They just stared at me the rest of the time



When I got home I called the number Louis gave me… Duuuuuuuu duuuuuu duuuuuuu


“hi it’s Justin”


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