The key to your heart

The night who changed my life..... (a Justin Bieber and One Direction story)


8. The big step



Justin’s p.o.v


I woke up in the guest room with pain in my face. I walked to the mirror and looked at my self. I looked like shit. My eye was blue, the cheek was red and my over lip was broken. Louis was nuts yesterday.


I felt sorry for Lottie. I could imagine how hard this was for her.


 I walked to her room to check on her. She was in her bed sleeping. There were tears running down her cheeks and she shook.


 I laid down next to her and put my arms around her. I wanted her to know that I was here for her no matter what.


 She turned around and looked at me. Her eyes were red and she started crying. I hugged her and she rested her head on my chest and fell asleep.


I woke up with the feeling of someone staring at me. I opened my eyes and saw the most perfect eyes. She smiled her wonderful smile and my heart melted.


 She stood up and started to find some clothes and I secretly looked at her. I think she saw it cause suddenly she giggled. God that sound was so sweet!


“Turn around Justin! I need to change” She giggled again


I shook my head


“No I want to watch you change beautiful” I smiled


She laughed and jumped on the bed. She sat one my stomach with one leg on each side of me and stared into my eyes.


“Close your eyes and let me change” she giggled. I really needed to record that sound! So cute!


“Nope” I laughed


“Then this is your own fault” she said and hit me with a pillow


“Oh no you didn’t” I yelled and started tickle her.


 She laughed and screamed. She tried to run away but I lifted her up and laid her back on the bed and tickled her again. She laughed and giggle and I couldn’t stop tickling her cause that sound was adorable.


Suddenly she didn’t laughed anymore and I looked into her eyes.


Slowly I bend down to her face and placed my lips on hers.


I kissed her passionate and after some seconds she kissed back.


I placed one leg of each side of her without breaking the kiss and placed my arms on each side of her head.


I licked her lower lip and asked for permission to enter. She opened her mouth and my tongue found hers. Our tongues fought for dominance and I won of course.  I pulled away and gasped for air.


God this girl was amazing.


Lottie’s p.o.v


I ran down stairs to make some breakfast.


 It was Saturday and my parents worked (too much work I know! It’s annoying) and Fizzy was with her boyfriend or what she called him and Phoebe and Daisy were at grandmas so me and Justin could talk about things.


I took some eggs and bacon and started to make some scramble eggs.


My heart stopped when Justin walked down the stairs. Was it even possible so feel this way so soon? I had a boyfriend before but this was different. I felt like this was meant to be. He was the father to my baby, he was a part of my family now and I couldn’t do anything about it. I wouldn’t do anything about it. This was absolutely perfect.


He sat down and I gave him the plate with the breakfast and sat down beside him.


“Justin we need to figure this out! What are we going to do about our baby?” I looked at him


“I really want be a part of this kids life and I wants to give it a perfect life” He smiled


“I will cancel all my concerts and stuff after the birth and I want to live with the baby” He said looking at me


I was scared for a second! Would he take my baby away from me?


“I mean I want to live with you. In our own apartment maybe? I know it’s hard to deal with. You are only 15 and maybe not ready to move out and live with a strange guy but I really want to be around my baby and it’s mother all the time” he said


I was speechless! I really wanted to try this but I was so scared. What if I was a bad mum and everything fucked up?


I couldn’t say anything so I just nodded


“Do you want live with me? Maybe we can try it before the baby comes and see how it go?” Justin looked at me with sad eyes


“Yes Justin I want live with you. It’s just much to take in right now. We can ask my parents when they come back but how will your friends and parents react when you tell them you move to England?? And what about Scooter and your carrier?” I asked


“My family is the most important in my life. We need to tell my parents but I will move! Trust me” He said and smiled. My heart melted. He was PERFECT


2 hours later


“Hallo we are home” my mum yelled. They walked inside the living room and my mum smiled. My dad looked angry when he saw Justin.


They sat down at the couch


“Have you talked about the baby and stuff” my mum asked


“Yearh…. I really want to be there 24/7 for my kid and then I want to ask you mr. and mrs. Tomlinson if Lottie and me can try to live together in a apartment just a couple of weeks to see if things work and we actually can live together. I know it’s hard and your daughter is only 15 years old but we are going to have a baby and we need to take care of that” Justin said with his cute voice


My mum looked surprised but I couldn’t read my dad.


“It’s a very big step Justin. Are you sure that you are ready to move to England??” My mom looked at Justin


“I will do anything for your daughter and the baby” He smiled


“And you Lottie? Do you wanna try this?” My mom looked at me like “say no please”


“I really want to do what’s best for this child mum…. I can always come home again right! Its just a couple of weeks” I tried to sound convincing


“what do you think Mark? “ My mum looked at him


“I don’t know.. I don’t like what you did to my daughter Justin but is only a couple of weeks….. BUT YOU CAN’T SLEEP IN THE SAME BED! You made that mistake before!” My dad said with a hard voice


I tried so hard not to laugh. The way he said that was too funny. Me and Justin in the same bed haha . I will break that promise.


“I promise Mark. I will pay for anything trust me” Justin smiled

“I really look forward to this” He looked like one who was going to dance of happiness.


We were going to live together omg

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