The key to your heart

The night who changed my life..... (a Justin Bieber and One Direction story)


1. The award

(A/N Its a little bit sexy in the end)

Are you ready Lottie ”Louis called.


“yearh just a minute Lou” I screamed back from my room.


Everything needed to be absolutely perfect. This was the first time I were going to a award with my brother Louis and I needed to look stunning for all the cameras and all the fans. I took my purse and ran down the stair.


“uhhhhh someone is trying to look hot tonight”  Louis smirked


I blushed. Why was he so stupid? Of course I wanted to look good. There was going to be celebrities from like everywhere.


“Stop it Lou!!!! It’s embarrassing!!!! I whispered.


Louis couldn’t stop laughing at me. I was so embarrassed so I took my stilettos and ran to Lou’s car. His security was already in the cars ready to bring us safe to the award galla.   


“Charlotte Tomlinson you can’t just run from me like that!” Louis laughed


“You are just so annoying Lou!” I gave him my killer look


“I’m your big brother! It’s my duty” He smirked


“Half brother Lou, only half brother” I looked at him


“If I were your real brother I just needed to be twice as annoying. So you should be happy!”


I gave him my best “I hate you” look and looked out of the window.


When we arrived to the award there were fans everywhere. They screamed and yelled “We love you Louis”. I couldn’t stop smiling! My brother, or half brother, was very talented so he deserved these beautiful fans.


 We drove to the red carpet and a butler or something opened the door for me. I felt like a princess in the wildest dream. I couldn’t believe this was happening! I lifted up in my long red dress when I walked outside just like they do in tv. The paps took a lot of photos of me.


Lou came out to and we walked together to the fans. He wrote some quick autographs and we went down the red carpet. Suddenly I heard some girl screamed, “We love you Lottie”. I was shocked! They knew me! I looked back at the girls and gave them a quick air kiss and we went inside.


There were absolutely beautiful inside. I felt like a princess in my castle. We walked to our seats next to Harry (the famous and cute Harry Styles haha), Liam (the sweet daddy directioner), Niall (the adorable nialler from Ireland) and Zayn (the bad ass hehe). It was good to see them again. I hugged them and their girlfriends and sat down exited to see the show. I looked around and saw stars like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. Oh damn he looked good in that suit! He looked at me, smiled and weaved. I felt my head change from normal to red and I looked away quick. 


I sat talking to Eleanor, Lou’s girlfriend who just came with her bestfriend. She was so sweet and just Lou’s type haha. And they were sooooooo in love. Everything was just perfect in that moment. Suddenly Katy Perry came on the stage. Yearh she was the host tonight. She talked about a lot of things that wasn’t very important but then she said


“Now we are going to give the award to the best group. And the nominated are: R5, One Direction and The wanted”.


I jumped at my seat when she said One Direction. Omg the boys deserved this one!


“and the winner of best group is ONE DIRECTION!!!!!” I flew up and hugged Lou! He deserved this so much and I was so happy for him. The boys ran up to the stage, hugged Katy and Louis went to the microphone


“I am so so so happy thank you. I want to say thanks to our manager,  Our family’s, our beautiful girlfriends, our absolutely amazing directioners and then I want to say thank you to my amazing half sister Charlotte for being here with me today. I love you”


The cameras pointed at me and I couldn’t stop smiling and blushing. Awww Louis was so sweet and he did everything to make my evening perfect.


There were a lot of other awards and it was so exiting and fun. The boys won about 5 awards and I was so proud of them. The award galla was almost done and I could feel that Lou was tired and just wanted to go home soon. We went outside and the boys and I were talking


“are you going to the after party Louis and Lottie??” Harry asked


“no I am pretty tired. I just want to sleep” Louis said with a sleepy voice


I was a bit disappointed…. I had really looked forward to go the after party.


“do you wanna go with us Lottie” Zayn asked as he had read my thoughts


I jumped of happiness


“please Lou!!! Please please please” I almost screamed like a little child


“I don’t really know….. people are drinking and stuff” Louis sad


“Lou I’m not a little kid anymore! Please! And the boys are looking after me right?”


They nodded


“okay then….. But be careful! Promise me!” he said


“thanks you thank you thank you! I promise!!! I love you Lou! “ I jumped and hugged him


I took my purse and we went to a limo



 I was parting hard. Drinking (maybe to much), dancing and enjoying everything! This was amazing. The boys forgot me a long time ago but they were also drunk as hell. I danced with Miley Cyrus and we twerked again each other. She was actually very sweet. We went to the bar and she ordered some drinks for us. She began to talk to a guy beside her and I stood and drank my drink and looked at the dancing people.


“Hi beautiful” someone said beside me


I turned around and saw the famous Justin Bieber him self.


“Hi Justin” I smiled


“you look absolutely stunning to night. Wanna dance? He smirked


Instead of saying anything I left my drink at the bar, took his hand and walked to the dance floor.


I started dancing and he followed. I started dancing close to him. I was pretty drunk so I began dancing sexy. Justin joined me and suddenly we were kissing and dancing wild against each other. We danced and danced for ages and it got wilder and wilder. I was pretty drunk and couldn’t control my self. I didn’t thought about the paps or anything and I think Justin forgot them to. It was just us in that moment. I forgot Louis, the boys, my parents and the rest of the world.


 He began kissing my neck and he was so sexy so I took his hand and made him follow me to a cap and we drove home to him.


Everything happened so fast and I couldn’t control any of that. We walked inside Justin’s home and he started kissing my neck again. I moaned of pleasure. We made our way to the bedroom and we laid down at the bed.


He began to get my dress of and I kissed his neck. He let out some small moans. I put my hand down in his pants and started to play with “jerry”. He moaned again but this time it was higher. I took his pants down and suddenly he laid on top. He kissed my neck and his kiss moved slowly down. I couldn’t stop moaning. When he was done he got inside me and began hitting my g-spot. He went faster and faster. It was hurting and I dugged my nails into his back.  He made a little scream of pain but continued. He went very fast now and I scream of pain and pleasure. He slowed down and collapsed on top of me. He laid down next to me and we fell asleep.


A/N hi everyone<3 this was the first chapter <3 hope you like it. We are two girls writing this one and the owner of this side amalie wroth this one<3 thanks

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