The key to your heart

The night who changed my life..... (a Justin Bieber and One Direction story)


9. Moving in

This was the day. The day we all waited for. The day that I was afraid of. The day that my life would change.


I turned off the light in my old room. It looked exactly like it used to but it was different. It was not my room anymore. Or not for a 1 month…. at least.


 I closed the door and went downstairs. I took my jacket and looked back at the house one last time. I was going to miss this place.



I walked out of the car and looked at a high building. This was my new home. Our home. I took my bag and walked inside. There was a big stair and an elevator. I pushed the button and the elevator opened.


 I was so afraid. I couldn’t walk into that elevator. I couldn’t leave my old life. My childhood that wasn’t even over yet. My teenage life that wasn’t started yet. One step and I was an adult. A role I wasn’t sure I could play.


A hand touched on my shoulder.


 I locked bag and saw the most perfect smile in the world. His perfect teeth, his perfect warm eyes. I got this weird feeling in my tummy and my heart started to jump out of my chest.


His lips moved and tried to tell me something. Then the perfect teeth bit the corner of the perfect lower lip.  Everything happened in slow motion and I couldn’t do anything. Just stared.


“are you okay Lottie”  an absolutely perfect voice interrupted my thoughts. “Lottie?? Hallo?” I could here the perfect voice again. Don’t stop speaking please!


“LOTTIE!” a hand moved in front of my eyes. Suddenly I came back to the real world. He smiled.


“what were you thinking about?” He said


“nothing Justin” I blushed


“Nothing huh?” He laughed and smiled that smile again. Please God! Don’t take that smile away.


“It’s nothing” I smiled back. That boy drove me insane. I walked inside the elevator and forgot my fear. I could do this.


My mum and dad walked inside the elevator and Justin followed us. The doors closed and the elevator moved. I was scared again. I was going to a new unknown place.



 The doors opened and we walked into a small hall with one big door.


Justin took a key and unlocked the door. This was it. I was going to see my new home now! Fuck fuck fuck I couldn’t do this. I panicked and was about to vomit.


Justin opened the door and this amazing living room showed. It was so perfect. It had everything really.


 It was stylish and cute but still had the feeling of home. There was this little stair so we could go upstairs. I couldn’t wait to see it. I walked inside and just enjoyed the view. Justin hugged me from behind. Oh god I was going to explode of happiness. I felt so good.


“do you like it” He whispered into my ear with this sexy voice.


“Omg I love it. Show me the rest!” I began to walk, holding his hand. I stepped inside this amazing kitchen. It was light and I just got this urge to cook. Really weird cause I hate cooking.


 We walked inside the living room and walked upstairs. There were 2 doors at each side of the hall. Justin opened one of them.

“this is my room” Justin smiled. It was a pretty light room with a giant bed and two doors in it. Justin opened both of them. One of them was a cool bathroom and the other one was a walk in closet. Wow he had lots of clothes. OMG.


We walked outside again and Justin opened the other door. It was the most perfect room in the world. I was big and light with a giant bed with pastel pink sheets.


There was a little office with an iMac on it and a makeup table. It was absolutely amazing.


 I opened to big doors and walked inside a big walk in closet. There were so much clothes. On one of the walls there were like thousand shoes. There was Jeffrey Campbell, Doc Martens, Christian Louboutin, Nike, Convers and a lot more. It was every girls dream.  I opened the other door and it was the coolest bathroom ever. I ran inside my bedroom again and jumped in Justins arm


“Thank you sooooooooooo much. I love it” I screamed.


“I just wanted to give the princess that room she deserved” Justin smiled. He placed his hands on my hips and pulled me closer. He lips was about to touch mine when my parents entered the room. I pushed Justin away and sat on the bed. Justin almost fell… ups


My mum and dad just stared at us and we stared back…. Awkward.  My mum broke the silence and looked at Justin “this is a very nice place Justin. Now we can leave and know that our daughter is safe” she smiled and hugged me “goodbye sweetie. You can always call you know” she kissed me and I nodded. My dad hugged me and they went downstairs. I could hear the door close. I walked closer to Justin


“you were about to do something before? What was that?” I smirked


Justin walked closer and placed his hands on my hips. He pulled me closer and lifted my head.


“this” he said and placed his lips on mine. His kiss was passionate and soft. I licked his lover lip and he opened his mouth. Our tongues fought for dominance and Justin pushed me against the wall. He lifted me up and I placed my legs around his waist without breaking the kiss. The kiss was pretty intense now.


He lifted me to the bed and lay on top of me kissing my neck. I moaned of pleasure. I pulled his t-shirt of and he threw it against the room. I lifted my arms and Justin took my top of. Omg was this really happening…. again



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