The key to your heart

The night who changed my life..... (a Justin Bieber and One Direction story)


6. Louis is home

Justin’s p.o.v


I laid on the couch watching some weird british tv when she walked in. She was so beautiful and gorgeous. She sat at the table and looked at me with her beautiful eyes. I felt like this was the beginning of one big family. I sat up and I slowly kissed her. I had thought of this girl for 3 months and now I finally was with her.  She kissed back and sat on my lap without breaking the kiss. I pulled back and looked at her. She was so young and didn’t deserve this. I needed to be here for her.


Lottie’s p.o.v


2 hours later


Justin went to bed so I was all alone in the big house. I was terrified. My parents were on their way home and Lou was on his way back from the vacation with Eleanor. How would they react when they saw Justin and how would Louis react about the pregnancy and stuff? I was so afraid. I just wanted to go upstairs and lay in Justin’s warm and strong arms. I couldn’t say how I felt about him. He was so sexy and sweet but we just meet. I know he was the father to my child but was it normal to love a person that fast. I said it! I loved him??? I was so confused. But it was the right decision to tell him. No doubt



I went to the kitchen and made some coffee. Would my dad hate him for what we did?  Voices interrupted my thoughts. I looked out of the window and saw my parents. I was so so so terrified. They opened the door and smiled at me.


“hi sweetie” my mom said and placed her bag at the table “good day at school? Have you made your homework?” She asked as always


“yearh of course. There is something I need to tell” before I finished my sentence my dad saw something


“Who does that jacket belong to?? That is a boys jacket and I’m sure I haven’t seen that jacket in this house before” He stared at me confused


“yearh that was the thing I needed to talk with you about. It’s “ I didn’t finished the line again cause Justin walked down the stairs.


“Hi Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson “ Justin smiled. I gave him my best killlerlook. This was a bad time for him to show up


I looked at my dad and he was mad! No he was furious


“what are you doing here your bastard?” my dad screamed. Justin looked terrified.  “dad calm down. I wanted to tell you that! I told Justin yesterday about the baby and he flied all the way to England to help me. Don’t be mad! “ I tried to give him my best puppy face with the sweet eyes. My mom was sweet as always and hugged Justin


“Its okay sweetie. Welcome to our home. Sit down at the couch and we can talk about this” She smiled and sat down at the couch. Justin followed her. I could see he was just as nervous as me


“ I know that you hate me for sleeping with your daughter without protection but I’m here

now to take responsibility for my actions and help Charlotte through this. I really want to have this kid and help as much as I can to give it the best life”  Justin said looking at my parents.   My mom just smiled. My dad looked at Justin with his thinking look


 “you can stay here as long as you want but you need to stay in the guest room and no night visits in Charlottes room” he finally said.


 Justin nodded and smiled “ thank you Mr. Tomlinson. I promise you that I will be a good father for your grandchild”


 My dad gave and manhug or something and said “you can call me Mark “

smiling now. God start!


My sisters Fizzy, Daisy and Phoebe ran inside. They binned in the park or something and suddenly they came inside and hugged me. Then they saw Justin and they went nuts. All of them


“Omg Justin wee looooveee yooooou” they almost screamed haha and hugged him


“Are you here to be a father for the little baby in Lottie’s stomach?” Daisy asked with at sweet little voice


“yes I am “ Justin smiled and kissed Daisy on the cheek.  I could see that she was about to explode of happiness. This was great. My family accepted him. But Lou didn’t knew !



Lou’s p.o.v


I drove to my mum’s house and parked the car. I wanted to say hi to my family before I went home to Eleanor. I walked out side and knocked on the door. My stepdad opened and I walked inside. Daisy and Phoebe ran to me and hugged me from both sides.


“hi sweeties. I missed you” I said and kissed them one.


I sat my bags on the floor and went to the living room. Everyone was inside plus one person I didn’t expect to see.


“Hey champ” I said confused but I smiled anyway


“Hi mom” I said and kissed her on the head


“ Hi Lottie and Fizzy “ I hugged both of them and sat on the couch

“What are you doing here Justin” I asked my champ from Canada


“Fizzy will you please take Daisy and Phoebe upstairs?” my mom said.


I was confused?? Why couldn’t they be here when I was here to see them? Fizzy nodded and they walked upstairs.


“Lou there is something I haven’t told you” Lottie said looking at me. I was really confused. Was she dating Justin or something? Why was that such a big deal?


“yearh ?? Then tell me? “ I looked at my little sister. The tears started to show in her eyes. I was afraid now! What was wrong?? My mom hugged her.


 “it’s okay sweetie. He isn’t going to hate you. Just relax” My mom tried to cheer her up. I would never hate her?


“It’s just because…. You remember the award right?? “ She looked at me with tears running down her cheeks. I nodded scared.


“You remember I went to the afterparty after with Niall, Liam, Zayn and Harry right?” She asked. I felt sick. Did something happened?? It was my fault. I nodded again


“The boys drank pretty much so they forgot me and yearh I had a good time so I drank pretty much too with Miley Cyrus” She tried to be calm but I could see she was terrified.


I was mad now! The boys drank so much alcohol when they promised to take care of my little sister. And she drank alcohol?? She was only 15 years old for god sake! I could kill them right now! My stepdad could see that I was mad so he laid a hand on my should and looked my in the eyes “calm down Louis and hear what she is going to say” I took a deep breath and nodded


“I was drunk now and then Justin came. We danced and had a good time. We were both so drunk and I kissed him” She cried now. I looked at Justin. I could see the fear in his eyes.


“We went to his place and yearh you know what” She cried into her hands. I was furious! He slept with my baby sis!!!! I just wanted to hit him.


“Louis calm down right know! You sister isn’t finished” My mum said angry


I took a deep breath and looked at Lottie again


“When I woke up next day I was so sad and scared so I ran outside and called Sierra. She picked me up and then I called you. I couldn’t tell you that I slept with your friend so I lied. I’m so sorry Louis” She cried even more. I was mad but I tried to calm down


“about 1 month later I found out that my period was later and that’s not normal for me. I took a test and yearh….. Lou I’m pregnant” She collapsed on the couch and cried.


I couldn’t say anything! My little sister was pregnant? She was only 15! That was too young to be a mum! I looked at Justin and I couldn’t hold my anger back anymore.


“What are you doing here idiot?! You ruined my sister life!!” I screamed and attacked him.


 I punched him hard in the face again and again. My mum and Lottie yelled at me. Justin stared at me with tears in his eyes. He didn’t do anything. He just stared at me. My stepdad tried to take me away but I just yelled at him


 “how can you accept the boy who slept with you daughter?”


 I couldn’t take this anymore. I took my bags, walked outside and drove away. This was my fault!


(A/N i know that louis' mum and mark is divorced and louis' mum is engaged with dan now and they have two kids but it was to confusing to wrote about so in my story Johanna and mark are still together <3"

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