The key to your heart

The night who changed my life..... (a Justin Bieber and One Direction story)


5. A surprise

”eeehh hi” i whispered


”hallo someone? Who is this? A belieber?” Justin sounded confused but i couldn’t stop smiling…. Weird


“ehhh no its not a belieber or yes… or no…. its charlotte. Remember?” I was so nervous I could die! Right now on the floor. I actually just wanted to die so I didn’t have to tell him.


“CHARLOTTE? Omg hi how are you?” Justin sounded happy? I was confused. Why?


“I’m fine or no. I need to tell you… you something im…important”  I stuttered


“yearh????? Will you meet me or will you just tell me now” Justin said with his sweet bieber  voice


I thought about it for a moment. It was a pretty big thing to take in. He was going to be a father to a little baby. My baby.


“can we meet? Are you in England or something” and then I realized. Justin was a popstar in America.  He was going on world tour and had a carrier. He couldn’t take care of a child. My little child. I needed to do this alone. I started to cry


“Charlotte whats wrong sweetie? Hallo Lottie??” Justin panicked


Should I tell him? My life was one fucking big mess. Should I ruin his too?


“I’m pregnant” I cried and cried . This was my fault


“I don’t understand?” Justin was scared I could tell


“congratulations. You are going to be a daddy” I said between my snuffles


“I’m coming NOW!” Justin yelled



 Justin’s p.o.v


I was going to be a daddy? I couldn’t understand it. I made a 15 year old girl pregnant! Fuck fuck fuck! This wasn’t good. I ran around in the house looking for my bag. I took some pants, supras,  t-shirt and a few caps and throw them into the bag and took my keys. Before I ran outside I looked at the necklace in my wallet. This wasn’t the way I wanted to meet the special girl.



I drove to the airport and ran with Kenny inside. “The first flight to London please” I almost yelled at the airport lady thing. She looked at her computer and gave me a piece of paper and a ticket. I ran as fast as I could to the terminal, running away from the paps and fans. I just wanted to be normal and have a private life for 2 seconds. I walked to the other airport lady and gave her my ticket. She took it and opened the door. I walked inside the airplane and found my seat. There wasn’t any seats for Kenny so I were all alone in the flight with the other people. Some beliebers stared at me and began to cry. I love my beliebers I really do but I was to confused for this. I sat down and looked outside. This was going to be a loooooong trip.


After about 2 hours the beliebers came and wanted pics. I knew that this was there big dream so I couldn’t say no. I took one of the girls hand and she sat on my lap. I hugged her from behind and she took a selfie. I wrote an autograph for her and she cried and kissed my cheek. I smiled. I loved to see them happy. I did the same thing with the other beliebers and fell asleep



After about 11 hours I walked outside the plane. I really wanted to sleep in a bed now. I walked inside and I couple of security guards surrounded me. We walked into the welcome hall and grabbed my bag.


Lottie’s p.o.v


“Knock knock”  someone knocked on the door. I opened the door and saw the most perfect brown eyes in the universe


“hi” Justin said with a sexy sleepy voice. He looked tired


“did you just fly all the way from U.S.A ?” I said surprised. That was the sweetest thing anyone ever done to me!


“yearh I didn’t wanted you to be alone and cry” he said smiling


“Come inside Justin” I smiled and walked inside. He took his bag and sat on the couch.


“Lottie you need to tell me everything! do you remember anything from the night? When did you find out and who know? He said looking and me with his gorgeous eyes


“ I don’t remember anything. I woke up in you bed and that’s all I know. I found out 2 months ago but I couldn’t find the right way to say it. My parents, Niall, my best friend, Zayn, Liam and Harry knows. I’m sorry” I began to cry


He took my head in his hands and looked me in the eyes


“don’t say sorry. Everythings gonna be alright” he say with the most sexy voice I ever heard


He slowly moved closer to me, still holding me head. He slowly placed his lips on mine and kiss me soft and passionate. My stomach was like one big zoo with 1000 wild animals going crazy. I slowly kissed back and then pulled away. He looked me in the eyes and smiled.


“we are going to be the best parents and give this baby a perfect life” he said smiling

“you wanna keep the baby right?” he said scared

instead of saying anything I kissed him. He gasp surprised but kissed back. He pulled away and looked at my baby bump. “can I fell the baby?” he smiled


I lifted my shirt and he placed his hand on my stomach. His smile grow and there were tears in his eyes

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