Tell me a lie ( Zayn love story)

So um this is my first time in this thing so I don't really know what to do....


4. My feelings for you are over the charts

When we got home I went straight to our room ignoring my dad cuz I just wanted to be alone for awhile." woman, what is wrong with you?!" Brooke said flicking my head. " Nothing is wrong with me. Like just don't want to talk to my dad now, duh." I said lazily lying down on my bed. "I just want to know why he did what he did and plus..." I hesitated to continue. "Plus?????" Brooke was trying to urge me to continue." Plus Zayn is getting to my head………" I mumbled. "OH YOU LIKE ZAYN!!!!!" She teased me." Oh shut up! You like Niall." I teased her back." I do not!....he's just really cute and funny." She weakly defended herself. There's something about Brooke that makes her seem fragile. She went downstairs to go watch Mtv with my dad while I stayed in the room and looked out the window. I tried to think about the stuff I could do here with Brooke but Zayn's smile kept on coming into view. I sighed and collapsed onto my bed falling asleep.

Hey sorry I still haven't been updating. I was going through some personal stuff. So anyway I shall try to continue some time everyday. BYE!!!

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