Tell me a lie ( Zayn love story)

So um this is my first time in this thing so I don't really know what to do....


3. Meeting Eleanor

So some how my mom got me and Brooke to go to England. " Don't talk to strangers, don't go to clubs, don't smoke, don't do drugs, tell your father I said hi, and try to get along with your dad." My mom instructed to Brooke and me at the airport. "Ms.Thomas, we'll be fine. Right, Anna?" Brooke said glaring at me. " yeah mom we'll be fine." I mumbled. I gave my mom a big hug, grabbed our stuff and went straight towards the airplanes open door.

On England grounds~ Anna's pov

We hopped off the 12-hour plane ride and saw so many people ( teens preferably ) were screaming and chanting,"1D!! 1D!! 1D!! " "...Who's one d?" I asked Brooke.She looked into the crowd confusingly and shrugged her shoulders. We stumbled across the crowd until we found my "dad". My whole body started to tremble as the past memories came flooding into my head. "Annabelle! It's been so long!" He screamed out and gave me a big bear hug. Brooke shook my dad's hand and took my bags. We followed him outside the airport and came across a Lamborghini Réventon. "THIS IS YOURS?!" I gasped. My dad chuckled and nodded his head. I opened the passenger side and hopped in. " Oh my gosh, the interior is black leather!" I squealed. My dad drove us to his house and it seemed like a dream. "Go upstairs and the very first room you see is yours." My dad announced. I quickly ran up the stairs and looked into the room. There were two beds, a big walk in closet, a shelf, a computer table, a 60 by 55 inch flat screen tv plastered on the wall and a big window view of the city. "Wow..." I starred in awe . " Close your mouth Anna before you catch flies." Brooke said patting my head. I dumped my luggage onto the bed closest to the window and instantly started changing clothes. I put on a short light blue lace dress, a " I <3 mustaches" necklace, and black converse high top. "We just got here what are you gonna do? Go to Nether land?!" Brooke complained. " I'm not gonna stay here and NOT meet cute British guys. I can't stand to ignore their accents." I said proudly. "... The things you do amaze me..." Brooke mumbled.

* on the sidewalk~

So I finally got Brooke to come with me out on the streets and we saw amazing things we've never seen back home in Canada. When we got hungry we decided to go eat something. "Where to?" I asked Brooke. "Um I don't know."She said.Sp we decided to ask strangers where is the nearest restaurant. "Oh! There is this place called Nandos and I'm heading there if you'd like to come!" This girl said. She was very pretty. But I wondered how could she walk in those HIGH heels? When we reached there we saw 5 handsome boys." You're new here aren't you? I could tell by your accent." This girl said. What accent? "Yeah we're new. We came here from Canada." I said. "Oh cool! Anyway since your new I think we should introduce ourselves. I'm Eleanor. That's Harry Styles." She said pointing at a handsome guy with really curly hair, dimples, and a cheeky smile. "That's Louis Tominsolin." A cute guy who wore a blue and white striped t-shirt, blue skinny jeans, and black vans. "That's Liam." A guy with a tattoo on his right upper arm, a white t-shirt, and black skinny jeans. "This is Niall." She pointed out one of them who looked Irish." And this is Zayn." I looked at him and was pretty satisfied. He had an Afro comb up although he doesn't have an Afro, he had two piercings, an arm covered in tattoos, he had brown eyes, and his smile was so adorable. They all greeted me and Brooke and we decided to eat with them. " I think we can become good friends!! What's your number?" They all asked. Brooke and I dialed in our numbers into their phone. When I got to Zayn he held my wrist as I typed it in and I tried to not blush. We all talked for a bit and I saw that Brooke was getting to know Niall pretty well. "Do you want to sit with me?"Zayn asked. "I'd love to." I smiled. We talked and talked until my dad texted saying we need to come home." Hey you should come have a movie night tonight with us!" Eleanor said. "Sure," I replied." And I'll have Niall and Zayn come pick you up. Just text them the address when your ready." She said. We told them bye and went straight back to my dad's house…

A/n) hey sorry I guys that I haven't been updating… I had to try and find a way to continue this chapter… anyway I'll be updating more tonight; BYE!!!!

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