Prose - n. the ordinary form of spoken or written language, without metrical structure, as distinguished from poetry or verse.
(Can also be classified as a short story)

Poetry - n. the art of rhythmical composition, written or spoken, for exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts.

My collection of proses and poetry.


12. The Day He Wasn't There

I am an athlete.

A runner, to be exact.

I am a sprinter.

And to be honest, I'm not that fast and I get easily discouraged.

At all my meets, he comes along too.

He waits for me at the end of the track.

He's the motivation I need to go faster. The reason why I finish the race.

One day, he didn't show up.

He wasn't there to cheer me on.

That was the very day that I realized,

I realized that he didn't always have to be there.

He was in my heart, and he was always cheering me on.

That was the very day that I knew I loved him.

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