Prose - n. the ordinary form of spoken or written language, without metrical structure, as distinguished from poetry or verse.
(Can also be classified as a short story)

Poetry - n. the art of rhythmical composition, written or spoken, for exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts.

My collection of proses and poetry.


11. The Boy

I remember the boy who sat all by himself under the tree on a hot's summer day.

He always sat by himself and he hated company.

That was, until the day I asked him if I could join him.

There was always something different about him.

And I liked that about him. He wasn't like everyone else.

Sure, he was negative. He always had a negative approach to life.

We became close, We became good friends.

We thought alike. We were two birds of a feather.

I started liking him. But I never told him. I always made sure I showed it, though.

He was always so depressed and doing things he shouldn't do.

And I made sure that I was there to help him out of that.

I wanted him to have a good life.

I really cared about him.

But one day, he told me he liked me.

More than a friend.

And then, I had feelings for someone else.

I didn't want to be his girlfriend. I didn't want to ruin the friendship.

Yet, he threatened to kill himself.

It sucked. It sucked so badly.

I felt so bad.

But I knew it was the right thing to do.

I knew I was his only source of joy.

But without me, his identity blossomed.

And although I don't know where he is right now,

I do know that he is okay.

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