That Boy

Every girl wants a Prince Charming of some sort. Me? I don't want a prince, I want the penguin loving singer.


42. "What?"

"Where are we going now?" I whisper to Michael who's beside me in the elevator.

"I think we're going back for a week or so. We've had a couple shows and all that stuff and plus we need to work on the album more." He says and I nod my head.

"What so I'll go back to school?" I ask confused.

He shrugs. "I think so. But we'll just inform your teacher- wait. We're still your teachers." Michael says laughing.

I shake my head. "So who now?"

He shrugs again. "Not sure."

"Jeez that's a lot of help thanks Mikey." I roll my eyes and he chuckles.

"Pleasures all mine." And tahrs when I hit him in the back if his head.

We get out and make our way through a crowd of screaming and clawing girls and make it to the bus.

I take a seat and sigh as Ashton comes over to me and sits beside me. I lay my head in him and I can feel someone watching us.

I close my eyes and let sleep take over.








"Stevie. Hey babe, wake up." I feel someone shake me and I groan.

I open my eyes but regret it as a bright light blinds me. "What?" I mumble.

"Where at your house." He says and I shoot upward. The fuck?

"How'd we get here so soon?" I ask.

"Have you been sleeping properly?" Ashton asks me concern etched on his face.

I look down at my hands. Truth be told, I haven't been able to sleep ever sense Luke admitted to cheating.

"Stevie, how many hours?" He asks softy. I bite my lip not meeting his eyes.

"Dunno," I mumble. "maybe 2 or 3 hours." He sighs and kisses my forehead and I hear someone cough.

We both look over to see Luke leaning against the wall. "Sorry to ruin the sappy moment but we should probably get off the bus."

He then gives me one last look before walking off the bus. I run a hand through my hair.

Ashton helps me up and he grabs my bag for me even though I told him I could get it.

I walk into my house and I notice my moms asleep. I walk into my room and Ashton follows.

"You gonna stay the night?" I ask.

"Sure. I don't feel like going back to mine and Michael's." He says and he yawns.

I slip my shirt off not caring if Ashton's with me and I yawn as I make my way over to my dresser and lazily look through it, trying to find a shirt to wear.

"Well fuck. I'm just not gonna wear a shirt, I'll just wear my bra." I say and Ashton raises an eyebrow.

"Go ahead, I ain't complaining." He says with a smirk and I throw my pillow at him from my bed.

I then step out of my skinny jeans and grab out a pair of shorts and I take out my pony tale and walk over to my bed.

Ashton takes his clothes off to and climbs in beside me only in his boxers.

I curl up to him and he wraps his arms around me.

"You know your perfect right?" Ash mumbles into my hair.

I look up at him and gently smile. "You keep telling me I'm gonna believe it."

He kisses me gently and I kiss him back.

"Hey um, Stevie?" He asks cautiously sittin up. I sit up to and he pulls me onto his lap.

"Yeah?" I ask playing with his curly hair.

He puts his hands on my hips and rubs circles with his thumbs. "Will you, okay. I know you just got cheated on with Luke and just go out of a relationship with him but I was wondering something.... Is that will you be my um girlfriend?" He finally blurts out and I blink.

"What?" I breath out.

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