That Boy

Every girl wants a Prince Charming of some sort. Me? I don't want a prince, I want the penguin loving singer.


17. What Did I Just Do?!

The class goes by and so does the next. Before I know it, the lunch bell rings. I grab my books and walk out to my locker trying to think on who called me and asked to hang out at lunch.

I unlock it and put my books in my bag and grab out my wallet. I close my locker and lock it up again. I turn around and bump into someone.

"Oh sorry. Wasn't watching where I was going." I tell them but I look up and I don't recognize who it is.

"It's fine. Ready to go?" He asks and I just realize that this is the guy who called and asked if I wanted to hang out at lunch.

"Um yeah." I say and he motions for me to follow him. He does sound kinda familiar. But I just can't pin point on who the hell he is.

"Okay. I know this awesome spot where no one will be able to see us. We can eat there in peace with out getting bothered." He says nonchalantly and I furrow my eyebrows. Why would he not want anyone to see us?

I will never understand guys. Ever.

We walk to his car and I climb in the passenger seat while he gets in the drivers seat. We pull out of the school parking lot and just as I'm about to ask him who the fuck he is, he takes off his hood and then his sunglasses. He looks over at me and smiles. He keeps that stupid black hat on that he wears all the time.

I smile back and sigh in relief that it's not a killer or anything like that.

"I didn't think you went to school still." I tell him and he glances at me before looking at the road again.

"I don't. I just wanted to hang out, seeing as your always busy with other things." He says and I feel kinda bad. I never actually hang out with any of them besides Luke.

"I feel really bad now." I say looking down at my fingers that are placed on my lap. I feel him look at me.

"Why?" He asks.

"Because I never hang out with any of my other friends. It's alway just Luke." I say sighing as I look out the window. I feel him put his hand on my knee and I look at him.

"That's why I asked if you wanted to have lunch together today. This'll be the only time probably. Luke will kill me most likely if he finds out I'm hanging with you alone." He chuckles and I just laugh agreeing with him.

We pull up to a park and he parks the car. I get out and give him a confuse face. Why are we at the park? I thought we were going to eat, not play.

"Why are we at the park?" I blurt out and he just gives me a half hearted smile.

"C'mon." Is all he says. I sigh and follow him down a path. It takes us about 14 minutes to get to an open field. My eyes go wide as I look at the scene before me.

I look over at him and he sheepishly smiles at me.

He walks over to a tree and grabs something out of it. A basket.

Ooh a picnic!!

He lays the blanket down and we sit down on it. He gets out two Pepsis and hands me a container and it's filled with Mac and cheese! YES!

I grab in and hand him a different container trying to be nice and all.

"Thank you Mrs. Johnson." He says is a fake British accent. I giggle and he takes the container.

"Your welcome Mr. Irwin." I say in my own horrible accent. He giggles and I just burst out laughing. I fall on my back as I just laugh.

"Oh god. I have tears in my eyes from that." I tell him while still kinda chuckling and wiping under my eyes.

"I know I'm funny and all but please, don't cry." He says and I just laugh even more.

"Cocky much Ashton?" I smirk and he just gives me a cheeky grin.

"You know it babe." He sys with a wink and I chuckle taking a spoonful of my food.

"This is really good." I mumble after swallowing.

"Thanks. Even though it's not hard to make at all." He says and I shrug taking another bite.

We make small talk while eating and when I'm done, I sigh with a satisfied stomach.

"That was amazing Ash. Really, you should make this more often." I tell him and he blushes, looking down.

We pack up and head back to the car. He puts the stuff in the backseat and then gets in and we drive off towards the school.














The drive is quiet and I'm actually glad that I got to spend some time with Ashton. I'm always with Luke and never with anyone else.

I feel him out his hand on my knee and he smiles at me, I return it.

After a moment I grab Ashton's hand and start tracing the lines on his palm.

I can see goose bumps appear all along his arm and his body language changes drastically.

He seems almost, nervous.

He intakes a sharp breath as I very lightly drag my finger tips up the inside of his arm then back down to his hand and then I do it again slowly each time.

"We should do this again sometime." I say watching his face. He lets out a little puff of air and smiles at me.

"Yeah. That'd be nice." He says. He grabs my hand and just holds it. His hand is huge compared to my small one.

"You have really long fingers, holy shit." I blurt out looking at his fingers as they wrap around my hand. He laughs, his grip tightening a little on my hand.

"Thanks Stevie. Like the boys don't tell me that enough already." He says with heavy sarcasm and I laugh as I hit his arm with my free hand.















We drive in peace in till we finally come up to the school. That drive seemed to take forever to get back. I take my seat belt off.

"Thanks for today Stevie." He randomly blurts out and I give him a confused look as his cheeks go pink and he looks down at our hands, which were together the whole ride.

"For what? I should be thanking you." I tell him and he lets out a puff of air. His eye meet mine and his has a little twinkle to them.

"For hanging out today. Usually I'm just by myself or I'm with the boys doing something totally weird and not appropriate for ears like yours." He says smirking at the end and I dramatically gasp, putting my hand over my heart.

"What are you trying to tell me Irwin?" I say narrowing my eyes playfully at him.

"I'm saying that your ears are to innocent to hear what we do when we're not with you." He says tapping my nose with his finger.

"Hello?! Have you met me? I hang around Luke almost 24/7. Do you know what he says sometimes? It's weird." I say then add "Don't touch my nose."

Ashton smirks and pokes it again. I glare at him as chuckles. He does it again but he lets his finger wonder to my cheek and he traces my cheek and then his finger slowly wonders over the top of my lips.

My brown eyes meet his green ones and I can't find it in me to look away from him.

Before I know what's happening Ashton's lips are lightly grazing mine. If either one of us moves, then our lips would press down on each other's.

He moves closer to me, his hand still on my cheek. Then before I could do anything, he presses his lips on to mine and I don't know what came over me, but I kiss him back.

His lips are soft against mine, not rough or forceful but soft and sweet. And he kinda taste like mint and mist. Don't ask what mist taste like because I have no idea. It's just what it taste like to me.

He closes his eyes tightly and I close mine as his hand moves from my cheek and down to my thigh and my arms hang loosely around his shoulders.

He tilts his head to the side a little to deepen the kiss and his tongue fights with mine. His other hand goes to the small of my back and pushes me closer to him.

We pull away at the same time and were both gasping for air. What the fuck just happened?!

I look at Ashton and I bet my expression mirrors his confused one.

I lean back into the seat trying to process what just happened. He turns back around in his seat and looks straight ahead.

"I- I have to get to my class." I stutter. He gulps and nods his head.

I open the door and close it saying a soft bye to Ashton who's all flushed in the face.

What did I just do?!

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