That Boy

Every girl wants a Prince Charming of some sort. Me? I don't want a prince, I want the penguin loving singer.


15. Wait, What?

Stevie's POV

I slowly blink a couple times as I take in my surroundings. I yawn and look down and notice Luke's arms wrapped around my waist tightly and I smile thinking back to him asking me to be his girlfriend.

Just thinking of actually dating him sends chills through my body. Good chills.

I look at my phone and sigh. It's 6:45 am. I leave for school at 8:00 and need to be in class by 8:45.

I groan then I clamp my hand over mouth to keep from making any other unwanted noises.

I slowly and carefully take Luke's arm off me and I slide out of bed.

I walk over to my bag and grab out my blue ripped jean shorts and my shirt that says keep calm and kill zombies on it. I grab my underclothing and walk into the washroom. I lock the door. Yeah he's asleep. For now anyway.

I take off my shirt and I only just realized that I did sleep in my bra. Whoops.

I mentally face palm and peek my head out the door. I look and see Luke just how I left him. Past out.

I slowly step out and run over to my bag, grab out another bra, and just as I turn to run back I hear a soft chuckle coming from the bed.

I tense and look up to see Luke have a highly amused look on his face and a cocky grin.

"I could get use to waking up like this every morning." He says and I flip him off before walking back to the washroom. I hear him laugh as I shut and lock the door again.

I take off the rest of my clothes and I turn the water on then I step in. I wash every part of me and shave and then step out.

I shake my hair out and then I dry my body. I put in my clean clothes and I grab my dirty ones.

I open the door and walk over to my bag again and stuff my dirty clothes in it.

I walk over to Luke's mirror and I brush my hair, puttin it in a loose ponytail. I put on my eye liner and mascara and a little bit of cover up on the spots that need it the most.

I smile at my self in the mirror and walk out the door and down the stairs.

It smells like bacon and eggs. Ooh yay!

I skip into the kitchen and I stop at the island. I take a seat and take out my phone, scrolling through Instagram.

"Here ya go babe." Luke says pushing a plate full of bacon and eggs my way. I get up and walk over to him.

I put my hands at the back of his neck and pull him down to me so I can kiss him.

He gladly obeys, placing his mouth on mine. I smile and pull away and laugh as he pouts.

I go back over to my seat and start eating. He makes himself a plate and sits beside me and eats.

After we finish he heads up stairs to get ready because I have to be at school in 34 minutes. And I need to stop and get a coffee before we get there.

I put both out plates in the dishwasher and I feel my but vibrate.

Wait, what?

I take out my phone and push answer.

"Hello?" I ask leaning against the counter.

"Hey Stevie. Wanna hang at lunch today?" A voice asks from the other end. It's a guys voice but I just can't seem to place who it belongs to.......

"Um sure." I say. I'm about to ask who it is when they say bye and hang up. I pull my phone away from my ear and give it a confused face. Okay then.

I look at the time and almost jump out of my skin.

"Luke! We have to go! Hurry your blonde ass up!" I yell sliding on my purple and white striped TOMS.

I open the door and walk over to Luke's car. Just as I open the door I smack my self in the face and just as I walk inside, Luke hands me the thing I might need the most right now.

My backpack. I breath out a thank you and he hands me sum British flagged sun glasses and a random like green beanie. I've never seen like wear this before. Hell I didn't know he ha a lime green one!

"Who's beanie is this?" I ask sloping the glasses on my face and throwing my bag in the back seat.

I climb in and Luke follows.

"Calum's. Or Michael's. Not to sure on which one." He says and I nod my head.

We drive for a while till we pull up to the coffee shop. I hop out, not waiting for Luke and rush inside.

I walk up to the counter and a blonde haired girl gives me a bored look as she smacks her gum in her mouth, very loudly if I must say.

He eyes light up as she look at something behind me. I turn and follow her gaze.

Luke steps out of the car just now, god he's slow, and he walks into the shop.

He stops a couple feet behind me and looks at the menus up on the backwall.

He looks at me and smiles. I obviously smile back.

I turn back to the blonde and she's glaring at me.

I lean on the counter an just as I'm about to tell her my order she beats me to it.

"Eyes off bitch. I call dibs. That boy behind you im gonna sleep with him. Just you watch." She hisses out and I'm taken back by her sudden words. I blink a couple times.

"Right. Good luck with that. Anyway. I'll take a double double please." I say and she smirks but the gale is still clear in her eyes as she rings in my order.

I walk to the side and Luke walks up to the counter and the glare is instantly gone and she kinda looks like a doll.

A creepy one.

"Hi there. My names Grace. What can I get you cutie?" She asks and I mentally gag.

Luke raises an eyebrow and I giggle as she shoots me daggers.

I walk over to Luke and Stan beside him and I can almost see the smoke shooting out of her ears.

"The cookies are really good an so are there muffins." I tell him pointing to each one I tell him. He rests his head on my left shoulder and I give him a confused look and he just grins.

I roll my eyes and the girl, Grace, looks so pissed it looks like she's actually going to leap over the counter and kill me.

"Here's your order miss. Now let the young fine man order. You can leave him alone now." She asks with fake sweetness as she hands me my drink. I give her the money and take a sip from my drink.

I snicker at her and stay where I am.

"I'll have two chocolate chip cookies please." Luke says and she automatically gets it for him.

He hands her the money and we start to make our way to the door but Luke stops and fixes his beanie and glasses and I groan.

"Dude. Let's go. I'm gonna be late and it's going to be all your fault." I say and the I mentally laugh at the girls face who looks gobsmacked.

"I'm coming." He says grabbing my hand and pulling me out the door. I smirk back at the blonde who's fumming.

We hop in the car and pull out and on the way to the school.

Well, that was an eventful morning.

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