That Boy

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  • Published: 21 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 19 Mar 2018
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Every girl wants a Prince Charming of some sort. Me? I don't want a prince, I want the penguin loving singer.


26. Unpredictable.....

Stevie's POV

I blink lazily around as I let my eyes adjust to the sudden light. I look to my left to see Ashton sleeping, his mouth slightly open and his curls all over the place, god he looks so cute.

I push some of the curls out of his face and he stirs a little, causing me to giggle.

I lightly drag my finger tips over his cheek and over his lips and I remember his lips on my body last night.

I can't believe I did that...... I'm no longer a virgin. My eyes go wide at the thought of that.

"Good morning beautiful." I hear Ashton say from beside me on the bed. I blink and look over at him and I blush as I pull the blanket up more, trying to cover myself.

He chuckles. "Love, it's okay. I've seen it all already and you have nothing to worry about. What I said is true. Your beautiful."

He sits up and kisses me again. I close my eyes and kiss him back as he pulls me back down so we're laying down.

He goes on his side and his other hand is on the right side of my head. He deepens the kiss and my hands go to his hair.

"You have such bad bed head." I mumble into the kiss and he chuckles.

"Shut up." He says smiling against my lips.

His tongue slides into my mouth and he moves so he's now hovering over me, still under the blankets of course.

I jump a little and he pulls away giving me a confused look as I blush like crazy. He might not know why I jumped but I sure as hell do.

"What's wrong?" he asks worried and I slightly look down and then back up to his eyes.

"Ahhh." He says then he smirks at me. Ah hell.

He lowers on me again and I jump. Again and he smirks.

He then kisses me and moves so he's basically straddling me. My eyes widen as I try to only focus on his eyes and not his..... Um.... Ya know.

He pulls away and then smirks at my chest, which I just realized was in total view.

Just as I'm about to cross my arms over my chest, Ashton, the mind reading bastard, takes both my hands in his one hand and holds them above my head and he dips his head, leaving fluttering kisses all over my chest and I swallow a moan that wants to slip out.

He then use his other hand and wraps my legs around him and instead of jumping when he touches me, I moan.

His lips go to my neck and he lets go of my hands, his trailing down my body and to the back of my left thigh.

All of a sudden I feel him in me for the second time and I gasp but then it turns into a breathy moan.

"A-Ash-oh god." I manage to get those out as he goes in and out of me at an amazing paste.

There's no pain this time, only intense pleasure. My nails dig into his back, seriously hope there's no blood or anything. That and we don't go swimming for a long time....

His lips trail down from my mouth to my law then my neck and then to my chest, Ashton was right. It just keeps getting better and better.

I can feel an odd feeling in my stomach and then I come with a shriek of Ashton's name leaving my lips.

I feel Ashton twitch in me and then I can literally feel it all come inside me making me moan louder.

We ride our highs and then he pulls out after a couple more thrust.

Our breathing heavy as we lay there.

"Shit. That, was very, unpredictable...... Haha lets be unpredictable." He sings and I burst out laughing.

"Yeah. That was very unpredictable." I say still laughing my ass off. I don't know why that's so funny to me, but it is.

All of a sudden Ashton's phone goes off. He reaches over and takes it off the night stand and presses speaker and holds his finger up to my lips so I don't talk.

I kiss his finger and he smiles at me.

"Hello?" Ashton says till a little out of breath. I giggle but then I clamp my hands over my mouth.

"Dude, are you with a girl?" A voice asks and I know its Calum instantly.

"W-what? Why would I be with a girl?" He asks and he clamp his own hand over my mouth just before I'm about to giggle again.

I lick his hand. "Ew! That's so gross! Why'd you lick my hand? Anywhere but my hand would have been fine, but of all places my hand? Really?"

"Fuck." Ashton says after he just told Cal he was with, indeed a girl.

"Ha! So you are with a girl! Who's she?" Calum asks and Ashton sighs.

"No one Calum." He says then he pecks my cheek.

"What happened with Stevie? I thought you had it bad for her?" Cal says and I look over at Ash who's eyes are big and he glares at the phone.

Wait. Ashton had a thing for me this whole time?

"Shut up Calum." Ashton groans as he falls back onto his messy bed.

"Do you still like her?" He asks and I look over at Ashton.

His eyes meet mine and he grabs me and pulls me into him so he kissing me again.

"More then you will ever know." He says to Calum but he never leave my eyes. I blush and try to look away but he holds my face so I can't.

"Well who's the girl your with now?" He asks as I can hear the confusion in his voice.

"Someone." Is all Ash says.

"Hey speaking of Stevie. Have you heard from her? I haven't and I'm kinda worried. Does she know what happened with Luke?" He says and I feel my anger rise at the mention of Luke.

I glare at the phone, ready to explode and yell at Calum for bringing him up.

"I'm not sure mate but I gotta go." Ash says as he notices that I'm about to blow.

"It's okay I have to go aswell. I'm gonna check and see if she at home. See yeah." Calum says the hangs up before we could even say bye our selves.

I hear a knock on my front door and I look at Ashton with panicked eyes.


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