That Boy

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  • Published: 21 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 19 Mar 2018
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Every girl wants a Prince Charming of some sort. Me? I don't want a prince, I want the penguin loving singer.


5. The Caff

Hello!! Sorry it's short!!

I blink a couple times and sit up. Wha-? Oh right. I'm at Luke's house.

I throw the blankets off and look at the time. Damn it! I'm going to be late for school if I don't hurry.

I jump out of Luke's bed and I rush down the stairs. I come to a stop when I hear a sniffle. What the?

I walk down the hall toward the living room. I stop in the door way at what I see.

Luke sitting on the couch with his head in his hands, his shoulders shaking.

I clear my throat and Luke looks up an sees me.

I bite my lip from crying. Luke's eyes are red and puffy and his cheeks are tear stained. Yeah it's kinda stupid to be crying over. But I guess it effects people differently.

"Stevie. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to upset you yesterday." He says walking up to me. I gulp down a lump that's randomly formed in my throat.

"It's okay. Just, it was stupid to get mad over." I say looking down at the ground.

Luke sighs and runs his hand threw his hair.

"Yeah. It was pretty dumb. Hey don't you have to get to school?" He says. My eyes widen. Oh shit! I rush out the door with Luke on my heels. I hop in and he does to. Starting up the car, we drive to my school.

Luke pulls right up to my school, I say bye quickly and, not caring if anyone saw who it was, I rush inside. I think the only people out side right now, are the druggies and the skippers. I rush up the stairs and I just make it inside as the bell rings. I sigh in relief.

But then I relies that I'm in the same out fit I wore to bed and I don't have any extra clothes with me. And I have major bed head going on. Great.

I take my seat beside Bella and get out my paper.

I piece of paper flys onto my desk. I open it.

"Where the hell were you this morning?" -Bella

I sigh. I'm not telling her about Luke. I can't. Just not yet anyway....

"Sorry. I was at my friends and I fell asleep there and I woke up late." - Stevie

I throw it on her desk making sure the teachers not looking.

She makes a "Ohhh." Sound under her breath.

The bell rings and I get up and Bella and I go to the health room. Today we have health.... Ya.

We go in and take our usual seats at the back.

Health class has got to be one of my favourites this semester. It's always so funny, it's only us girls thank god.

"Hey did you hear who's talking to us in the caff today?!" Charlie says jumping up and down. Wow. They must be good if Charlie's jumping up and down.

"No. Who?" Emily says as her and Charlie walk over to there normal spots.

"Well there suppose to talk about bullying and judging. So we're going to skip health." Charlie says not really answering the question.

"Really? Who?" Before Charlie could answer our teacher comes in.

"Okay girls. No health today. Your having speakers come speak with you about bullying and such. You all have to come." She says. We all get up and go down the stairs to the caff. That's where our stage is.

We go and we're the first people there. This is for all my grade. I sit in the second row with Bella beside me and then my friend Gabby comes and sits beside me.

"Hey do you know who's here today?" Gabby asks me. I shake my head.

"It's probably one of those really funny guys. Like Stue." I say giggling remembering how funny he was.

"Yeah. I hope he's as funny." Gabby says.

I turn to Bella "Hey do you know who's here?"

"Nope." She says leaning back on her chair. I wonder who it is.

All of a sudden, our principle comes on stage.

"Lady's and gentlemen, we were very lucky to catch these young boys before they leave. Please give them a warm welcome." He says then walks off stage.

All of a sudden security guards come and line the stage. Okay then....

Oh shit.

All of a sudden, Ashton walks on stage laughing at something someone said.

Girls start screaming and some are actually crying. I kinda feel bad for the boys..... Aha

"Hello! Shhhhh." Ashton says and makes the screaming girls quiet down.

"Hi. I'm Ashton. And- hey! Knock it off!" He says laughing as he turns around and slaps who ever's behind the curtain. Witch I'm assuming is the other three boys.

He steps away from the curtain and clears his throat.

His eyes scan the crowd and his eyes finally land on me. His face is confused at first but then his eyes go wide when he figures out it's me. He smiles even bigger and he turns to to talk to someone behind the curtain.

Then, Luke Hemming's steps out and on to the stage.

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