That Boy

Every girl wants a Prince Charming of some sort. Me? I don't want a prince, I want the penguin loving singer.


2. The Beanie

I run my head and snuggle up to what epvers with me. Okay more like ones with me. I shoot up and look at the time and see I have to be at school in less then an hour!

Oh shit!

I get up and fall out of bed and on to the ground. I groan as I put a hand on my head. Thanks for catching me floor, love how I can always count on you to catch me..... Sigh.

I hear a chuckle from the bed and I sit up and see Luke with his arm across his eyes with a smile on his face.

I roll my eyes.

"You gotta get up. I have to go to school in less then an hour!" I say putting my hands on my hips.

"And your point is....?" Luke asks with a smirk on his face. Damn boy, I'm gonna kill you.

"You have to take me to school." I say in a 'duh tone.

Luke groans and rolls back over and stuffs his face in the pillow. I sigh and go over to him.

I grab his arm and start pulling him out of bed. Okay, well I was trying to anyway.

All of a sudden Luke looks at me and grabs my arms and pulls me back down on the bed. He smushes me against his bare chest as he breathes out.

"Luke! I have to go to school! I'm probably in deep crap already for not going home lastnight." I say. I try to get away but a couple minutes pass and I give up and just rest in his arms.

After a couple minutes and finally get away. I take the blanket with me and run out the door as Luke yells at me.

I laugh as I run down the hall and I hide in a guest room, in the closet. Nice spot. He'll never find me.

I hear foot steps outside the bedroom door. The door creaks open and he walks in. I bite my lip to keep from laughing or making any sound.

I hiccup randomly and his gaze sweeps over to the closet. I clamp both of my hands over my mouth to shut them up.

Luke walks over and opens the closet door and grabs me and throws me over his shoulder. I scream and laugh as Luke runs back to his room as he throws me onto the bed, tickling me again. Jeez, what's with this guy and tickling people?!

"I- I have to go- ahahahaha!! To sch-ool!!!" I burst out laughing.

I try to push him away and I do. I take a deep breath and go over to his bathroom. I throw my hair into a messy braid.

I turn around back into the room to see Luke in his boxers and only his boxers. I turn around again not facing him.

"Could have gone my whole life with out seeing that." I say crossing my arms.

"Oh come on! You liked it." He says chuckling.

"You wish." I say shaking my head at him, my back still facing him.

"Are you decent?" I ask tapping my foot.

Luke chuckles and puts his hands on my shoulders turning me to face him. He walks away and puts on a shirt. I look over at the door and see his beanie is laying on the ground. I guess he threw it off last night. I go over and put it on my head.

I turn to see Luke smiling at me while shaking his head slightly.

"C'mon. We better leave now if you don't want to be late." Luke says while walking out the door. I follow him down the stairs. We put on our shoes and he gives me a pair of sunglasses. Right. The Paps. Totally forgot that he's famous.

I follow him out and we walk out toward his car. Cameras flash from everywhere and people shouting questions at us. We both ignore them as we climb in. And drive away.

After a while of driving, I get out my phone and call my mom. She's going to be worried and pissed at me. Just watch.

"Stevie? Honey? Are you okay? Where are you? Why dint you come home last night?!" My mom keeps doing rapid fire at me.

"Mom! Chill. I'm fine. And the reason I dint come home last night was because by the time that I would've got home it would have been around 2:00 in the morning, so I just crashed at a friends. I dint want to wake you up." I say sighing and hoping that she'll drop the subject.

"Okay, who's did you stay at? Are you on your way to school?" My mom asks. I wince at the first question. I can't tell I stayed at a guys house let alone a famous guys house.

"Yeah he's driving me to school right now." I instantly close my eyes, regret saying "He's"

"He's? Stevie, you dint stay at a guys house. Did you?" My moms stern voice comes threw my phone.

"No her brothers bringing me to school." I say. Then add, only because I want to stop talking about this to my mom.

"I have to go. Love you mom bye!" I a ay really fast then hang up, getting a very amused look from Luke.

"Shut up." I say looking out the window.

"I dint say anything." Luke says smiling at the road a head of us.

"Right. Wait, stop at my house. I can't go to school wearing the same thing I wore yesterday." I say getting grossed out. "I even slept in these. So not wearing them to school." I say looking down at my clothes. Yuck.

"Okay. Where do you live?" I tell him where to go and soon after we pull into my drive way and I see my parents are gone.

I get out and Luke follows me. I unlock the door and walk in.

"Sorry it's a mess." I say cringing at the paper all over the table.

"It's okay. You should see the other boys places. You think this is messy? You should see there place." Luke says laughing as he sits on the couch. I shake my head and go to my room. I change quickly.

I throw on red skinny jeans and A purple plaid over sized shirt. I brush my hair and put it in a fish tale braid. I put the beanie back on my head. I put my mascara on and lipgloss. I pop a piece of mint gum in my mouth.

I go out and throw my coat on and Luke never takes his eyes off me. I grab my bag and throw it over my shoulder. I slide on my red TOMS and smile at Luke.

"We better get going." I say locking the door so when I shut it behind me, it'll lock.

Luke gets up and goes out side. I follow him and shut the door behind me.

We get in his car and drive to school. I put Luke's sunglasses on my face so no one can know who I am.

We pull up to the side of the school. I turn to Luke and smile.

"Thanks for everything." I say looking down at my fingers.

"No problem. We'll have to do it again some other time, but more prepared." Luke says laughing. I giggle but then feel my eyes sting. This is probably the last time I'll ever see him in person. Unless I bump into him around a corner again.

I look at him and kiss him on the cheek. I pull away and blush. I see him out of the corner of my eye his eyes are wide and a blush starts creeping it's way onto his cheeks.

I get out and wave goodbye. I head into the school and I put my fingers on my lips, replaying the kiss on the cheek over and over again in my head.

I make it to my class just as the bell rings. I take my seat and listen about the elements of science.

After that class Bella and me walk to gym.

Bella's phone goes off as we walk into the empty gym.

"What's that about?" I ask.

"Oh a new video has been posted on YouTube. Let's check it out." Bella says, before I can even protest the video starts playing.

"Hey to all you 5SOS fans! Looks like our Luke Hemming's is off the market! Or, are they just friends? Can't friends sleep over at each other's places?!

*A picture of Luke and me walking toward his car from his house shows up*

I guess? But the main question is going around like wild fire! Who is she?

Are they dating? Or just really good friends? Will we ever know?!

We got lost of pictures of our Luke with this mystery girl! Just not her face!!

*picture of Luke and me walking toward Starbucks.*

* picture of Luke and me sitting in Starbucks.*

*picture of Luke smirking out the window me giving him a pissed look.*

Wow! They are together a lot so far. Do we like this? Should they be together? Is it about time Luke gets a girly friend?

Tell me what you think in the comments below!!" And the thing ends.

Damn. I walk away and go into the change room. I look in the mirror and see I'm still wearing his beanie. Wait, it's the same beanie from the video. I take it off and put it by my bag, out of sight.

"Hey, Stevie wait! Wonder who it is." Bella says walking over beside me. We change into our gym clothes. I cover his hat and put the sunglasses with the beanie.

"You never know Bella. She could be supermodel for all we know." I say putting my shoe on and tying it.

"What if she's a cheating little whore?" Bella says and puts her shoes on to. Okay I know if she knew it was me, then she wouldn't be saying that, but that hurt a little. I've heard her call me names and insult me and I've done the same to her, so this shouldn't be any differnt.

But, it is.

"Give the girl a chance Bell, she might surprise you." I say putting my other shoe on.

"Yeah I guess." Bella says while fixing her shoes. I get up and we walk out and into the gym.

We play a couple games and stuff.

"Okay girls, go get changed!" My teacher says. We go in and I grab my stuff and have a shower. Bella does to, but in the shower beside me.

After I'm done and dressed and I put my hair back into a fish tail braid and my mascara on, along with the beanie. I grab my bag and walk out.

I walk out the gym door just as the bell rings for lunch. I sigh and make my way to the library. I see my cousin by the doors with Emily and his weird friend who like, never talks.

"Hey Stevie. Nice beanie." Nick says smiling.

"Um thanks. I got it from a friend." I say pulling on a piece of my hair.

"Really? Who? Stevie! Do you have a boyfriend?" Nick says smirking at me. My eyes ago wide thinking of Luke becoming my boyfriend.

Uh no thanks. He's hot and all but, no. Never in a million years. Plus I have my eye on a boy that's in my foods class.... Shhhh.

"Hey isn't that the same beanie that's on the girl in this video with Luke Hemming's?" Emily asks.

"Um no. Are you kidding? That would mean that I would know him. That's every girls dream I'm sure. I'm never going to meet a famous person. Even though that is on my bucket list...." I trail off.

"Well anyway. I like it." She says.

I smile and go into the library. I go to the back corner behind the bookshelves. I put my headphones in and get out my book.

I read in my head "He's been here," Ash said, as a breeze stirred the branches ruffling his dark hair. "In fact, he's very close."

"Looking for something?"

A familiar voice echoed from somewhere above us. I turned, and there was Puck, lying on an overhead branch, smirking at me. His shirt was off, showing a lean, bronze chest, and his red hair was all over the place. He looked more.... I don't know.... Fey out here, something wild and unpredictable, more like Shakespeare's Robin Goodfellow, who turned Nick Bottom into a donkey and wreaked havoc on the humans lost in the forest."

An arm wraps around my shoulders and I jump. I put a hand over my heart to slow it down. It starts going back to normal but when I see who it is, it picks up speed again.


"What the hell are you doing here?" I ask as a smile creeps on my face. I get off my chair and hug him. He hugs me back.

"Well I wanted to see my friend." Luke says keeping an arm around me. He's got on the same thing he had on this morning, a different beanie, and sunglasses.

"Oh, so I'm your friend now?" I ask crossing my arm. I look up at him.

Luke puts his arms around my shoulders, still keeping me at arms length.

Luke leans in and rests his forehead on mine, and whispers "I guess you could say that...."

"What ever." I say laughing as he wraps his arms around my wast and lifts me up a little off the ground.

"Your amazing, yeah know that?" Luke says resting his head on top of my head.

"You know what?" I ask turning to face him. He leans in really close to me, so all I can see is his eyes.

"What." He says softly, he so close I can feel his warm breathe on my face.

"You make me almost believe you." I whisper. Luke's stare hardens. I shudder.

"You have to believe it, Stevie. Your an amazing girl. You don't see it, but I do. Your beautiful, and smart and funny." Luke says, but when he notices what he said, his eyes go wide and his cheeks turn pink.

I look at Luke with awe. "No ones ever said anything like that to me, but my mom when I was little." I whisper.

I put my hand on Luke's cheek and I feel him shudder under my touch.

I get lost in his eyes and we just stare at each other. Not in a creepy way, but well, you know what I mean.

"Hey Stevie." A voice asks me. I turn around to see (my best guy friend ever) Michael.

"Michael. Damn it, I haven't seen you in like, forever!" I say going over and hugging him with all my might.

"Yeah, it's been awhile. Have you replaced me Stevie? I thought better of you, I really did..... Tsk tsk." Michael says laughing. I punch his shoulder as he just laughs even harder.

"No, I could never replace you. Your my best hobo, and don't you forget that." I say giggling at the old name I use to call him. Michael and me have known each other sense grade 6. He asked me out in grade 8 and to graduation also in grade 8. I said no to him because back then our friendship was very important to me. And all the break ups that I've heard of, the boy and the girl never stay friends. They always go there separate ways. I felt really bad from grade 8 and saying no. And I still feel a little bad. He's just to important to lose.

Michael just rolls his eyes at me.

"So, is this your boyfriend?" Michael asks with a smirk. Now it's my turn to roll my eyes at him.

"Oh she wishes." Luke says smiling at me. I shake my head at him and go back over to my bag and book.

"Oh is that so Stevie?" Michael asks with snicker. I give him the finger as I continue to pack up.

Michael just laughs and Luke chuckles.

"You know I came here to read my book and I got to one paragraph. That's it." I say putting my hands on my hips and glare at the two boys in front of me.

All of a sudden Michael's phone goes off and he groans.

"What the hell?" I ask laughing.

"I have to go. My cousin needs some notes." Michael says. We say bye and he walks off.

I'm not lying when I say I really do miss my old friends and the days when we all hung out. And we got along with each other. Sure, we had our ups and downs but in the end we all pulled threw it. I guess high school really does change you, and you find new people and interests.

I sigh turning back to Luke.

"I really have to leave to my next class." I say to Luke. He pouts witch makes me giggle.

"Your such a dork." I say hugging his torso. He wraps his arms around me also.

Luke pulls back and looks at me with a faint smile on his face.

"My turn." Luke says, gaining a confused look from me.

Before I could ask what the hell he meant, he kisses my cheek. THE Luke Hemming's just kissed ME on the cheek. My eyes go wide and I see Luke blush bright red.

"Uh, I think....." Luke says, his gaze never leaving my face.

"Think what?" I breath out.

"I think your amazing." Luke says as he kisses my forehead. I give a smile to him.

"Your an amazing friend Luke." I say. I see a shadow cross over his eyes but then it's gone.

I look at my phone and see I really have to go or I will be late.

"I really have to go. I'll see yea later!" I yell over my shoulder to Luke.

I book it up the stairs to my foods class. I run in and take my seat. Bella gives me a confused look and just give her a funny face witch makes her laugh.

The bell rings and we all take our seats as the teacher walks in. She takes the attendance.

"Has anyone seen-" she gets cut off by the door opening and he comes him.

"Never mind. Dalton, your late." She says.

"Sorry, I was at the office. I had to pick up some stuff for my mom." He says as he takes his seat.

Dalton Freed. The boy who I've had a crush on sense grade 4. Don't they say that if you like the same person for more then a year, it's love? Or is it 4 months? I'm not sure.

I glance at him and he's talking to Morgan. She's a pretty blonde who's been friends with him for a while now. I think that they secretly like each other more then friends.

The teacher puts on a video of forks. Yes forks. There's a couple deferent types of forks yeah know. We watch that till the end of class and I make my way to math.

I walk into the math room and see Cameron, Nick's brother. I take my seat and my teacher comes in, takes attendance, the he tells us I how we're going to be studying for..... You guessed it. Exams. Damn it! I forgot all about it! They start next Friday.

We work on a pizza problem and crap like that. My last class zooms by just like all my other classes.

The bell rings and I rush out of the classroom.

I make my way to my locker and grab my coat. I put Luke's beanie back on my head and the sunglasses.

My phone goes off and I answer it.


"Hey Stevie. Wanna ride?" Luke asks. I smile.

"Sure. When can you be here?"

"I'm actually just on the other sides of the buses." Luke chuckles.

"Of cores you are. I'll be right there." I end the call and walk out. It's not hard to spot Luke's car. It's the really nice looking one. I look both ways and cross going over to his car. I get some dirty looks from some girls but I just shrug them off.

Be jealous bitches.

I hop in and we take off.

So glad today's done and over with.

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