That Boy

Every girl wants a Prince Charming of some sort. Me? I don't want a prince, I want the penguin loving singer.


1. That Boy

"Make me your Aphrodite, make me your one and only." I quietly sing under my breath to myself as I walk down the busy streets of London, my headphones on full blast, blocking out the noise around me.

I round a corner and bump into a tall dark figure. We both fall to the ground on our butts. Well. That didn't hurt at all!

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" The guy says. He holds out his hand and I take it as he helps me up.

I take my ear buds out.

"No it's my fault. I should have been watching where I was going." I say dusting off my clothes.

"Um, for bumping into you, uh do you want to get a coffee?" He says as he puts his hands in his pockets.

"Sure. I'm Stevie." I say.

"Okay cool. I'm Luke." He says. I already know who he is

"I know." I mentally face palm. Wow that's not weird. He's Luke Hemming's. Off of 5 Seconds Of Summer. Damn.

Luke raises an eye brow at me. He's wearing a beanie and sunglasses and a hoodie under his coat and jeans on.

I can feel my face flush with embarrassment. Luke pulls my hood down and puts his sunglasses on my face.

"What are you doing?" I ask while chuckling.

"Well, if a fan or reporter finds me, they won't know who I'm with." He says as he fixes my hood. He finishes and puts up his own hood.

"C'mon." Luke says as I follow him out and back onto the busy streets. We make our way toward Starbucks. A couple flashes go off here and there but we ignore them.

We go in and we find a seat.

"Should I keep this all on?" I ask with a sideways smile.

"Yeah. There could be people in here who would just die to know who you are." Luke says laughing.

"Okay well we better go and put in our order. What do you like?" He asks. I put a piece of hair behind my ear.

"I actually never had Starbucks before." I say while not meeting his gaze.

"Really? Well I know what you'll like." He says as he gets out his wallet.

"Ah hell no." Luke gives me a confused look.

"Your so not paying for me." I glare at him. He smiles looking very amused.

"Yes I am. So be quiet." Luke says sticking his tongue out at me. I do the same thing.

After what seemed to be forever of us arguing over who's paying for me, he made me give in, but I told him that I'll pay him back. And guess what. He said "No way." Like what the hell? So cruel.

He tells me to go back to our seat and I do so.

After a couple minutes of him talking to the cashier girl, he winks at her, and finally comes back over. I roll my eyes. Of cores. He's a player. Should have known.

"What were you talking about?" I ask. I instantly regret asking. I sound like a jealous girlfriend. Not cool.

"Oh just telling her what name to call out." He says as he leans back in his chair. I scoff and cross my arms looking out the window.

"Who's name did you put?" I ask. He only smiles. I get a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach.

After a while of silence Luke clears his throat. I look up at him and he has a worried expression is his face. Why?

"What?" I ask. I shift a little in my seat.

"Why so you look so..... Upset?" Luke asks while studying my face.

"I'm not upset Luke." I say putting my hands on the table. I sigh.

Luke takes my hands and starts playing with them. Random. And here I thought he was the responsible one.

"Mrs. Hemming's?" I look up at Luke to see him smirking out the window. I give him a confused look.

"That's our drinks." Luke says. He gets up and goes over to the girl as she glares at me. He thanks her and takes the drinks and comes back over to me. He takes his seat and hands me my drink.

I look at it with a funny face.

"Oh come on. You'll like it!" Luke says with a smile.

I take a sip and i find out that I like Starbucks. Uh. Who knew.

I take another drink of the warm liquid.

"So Luke, tell me bout your self." I say putting my head in my hands.

"Well. I like singing." He says with a smirk.

"Haha. No shit sher lock. I mean like other things besides the obvious." I say rolling my eyes at him.

"Okay fine. I have two brothers, and my dogs name is Molly, my moms a math teacher." Luke says with a smile.

"So does that mean your like, a wiz at math?" I ask with a giggle.

"Well I guess. I'm not the biggest fan of math. So what about you? Tell me about you." Luke says with a shrug of his shoulder and a smile.

"Well, I have no brothers, or sisters, I live on a farm, I love animals, I like to sing, and read." I say

Luke looks at me with a small smile. I smile back.

"Well, we better get going. It's really dark out." I say. I get my phone out and see it's already 11:35 pm.

"Wow it's already 11:35." I say looking at Luke.

"I better leave." I say getting up. Even though it pained me to leave him. He's amazing. His smile kinda just brightens up the room.

He stands up and helps me get my coat. Random but okay.

I put my coat on and yawn. Wow it's been a long day.

"Thank you. Today was fun. You want to do it again sometime?" He asks while looking all shy.

"Yeah. I'd like that." I say giving him a small lopsided smile.

"Okay. Um can I have your number?" Luke asks while scratching the back of his neck, looking like a little kid.

I nod my head.

He hands me his phone and I type my number in it. I smile at him and walk out the door.

I start walking down the cold road pulling my coat closer to my body and I yawn. I'm so tired.....

A car pulls up beside me and I jump about five feet in the air. The window goes down and I see Luke smiling at me.

"Need a ride?" He asks chuckling. I smile at him and hop in his car. It's really warm.

I yawn and lean my head back on the seat.

"Hey you can just crash at my house tonight." Luke says glancing at me for a split second before his eyes going back to the road.

"Yeah. That's fine." I say glancing at him when he's not looking.

I turn back to the window and watch as the houses and trees pass by.

We finally pull up to a nice size house. I open my door and Luke gets out with me.

We walk up to the house and he takes out a key, and puts it in the door and we walk in.

I gap at the house. It's really big inside and beautiful. Oh my god.

My gawking gets interrupted by a giant yawn that takes over my body.

"Hey, hey. Don't fall asleep just yet." Luke says pulling me upstairs, I don't see much on our way because I keep yawning.

He pulls me into a room. Luke turns the light on as I close my eyes. Damn it's bright.

My eyes a just to the light and I walk over to the bed. I flop down on it and close my eyes.

I feel the bed bounce beside me. I open my eyes and turn my head to see Luke laying beside me, smiling. I see that he took off his sunglasses. I smile back. He flips onto me so he's straddling me, his hands on my hips.

I flip us so now I'm straddling him. I run my fingers threw his hair as he smiles up at me, hands still firmly on my waist.

"Why is your hair so perfect...." I ask playing with it.

"I think it just became the most softest thing in the world, because your playing with it." Luke says running his hands threw my hair. I lean into his touch.

"Why is your hair so perfect?" Luke asks with an amused look on his face.

"It's the hair product I use." I say but as soon as it leaves my mouth, Luke starts to tickle me uncontrollably. I burst out laughing, and now he's on top of me, tickling me to my death.

"Okay- ahahahaha! Pl-ease stop!! I'll do anything!" I yell out as he finally stops tickling me. I take a deep breath and wipe the tears from my eyes.

"Anything?" Luke asks. Uh oh. Oops. Maybe that wasn't the smartest thing to say.....

"Yes. Anything. That's what I said. Sadly." I say while giggling.

Luke thinks about it for a minute or two, still straddling me.

He leans down so his breath tickles my ear. And whispers "Stay in the bed with me. Sleep with me."

I look up to meet his hopeful expression. I run my hands threw his hair again. It's actually really soft. No lie.

I nod my head and his smile just takes my breath away. It's better then sleeping on the couch or in a strange, uncomfortable stiff bed.

He gets off of me and turns the light off. He comes back, but he doesn't get back on me, he lays right beside me. He wraps his arms around my waste and pulls me close.

I look over and see a stuffed penguin. I grab it and hold it tight against me.

My head on his chest, i trail my fingers around his chest. I can hear his heart beat speed up under my touch. I smile at the thought if doing something like that to a cute boy as I drift off to sleep.

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