That Boy

Every girl wants a Prince Charming of some sort. Me? I don't want a prince, I want the penguin loving singer.


45. Taking A Wild Guess

We pull up to the house and I jump out, jogging up to the house. I open the door and I stop seeing a giant mess.

The couch is knocked over pictures are broken, glass everywhere along with a hole in the wall.

I bring my hand up to my mouth as I see Luke come down the stairs. He sees me and let's out a sigh. "Thank god your here."

He grabs my arm and pulls me up the stairs, Michael following behind. I avoid the glass and broken stuff and we come to a stop in front of a room.

Luke gives me a forced smile then walks away leaving Michael with me. I take a deep breath and gently put my hand on the door handle. I take my hand off and knock first.

"Go the fuck away." I hear Ashton growl from inside and I bite my lip. "I don't want to talk about it. I know that's what you want. So just fuck off and leave me alone. I don't care what you have to say. My life's so fucked up right now, just. Just go."

Michael sighs. "Ash," Ashton cuts him off.

"Go away Michael. You wouldn't understand. My life is fucked up and no one can help. Just get your nose out of my shit." Ash snaps.

I feel tears spring to my eyes and I chocked sob leaves me before I put my hands over my mouth.

Great just great.

I run down the stairs, hearing Michael follow me down and I notice Luke and Calum are trying to clean up but stop once they see me run out the door.

I run down the road not caring who sees me or what they have to think.

Calum's POV (what? Yeah that's right. Calum's.....)

I watch as Stevie runs out of the house crying. I hear a door open and I soon see Ashton at the top of the stairs looking confused and worried. And all in all a mess. Only in jogging pants and no shirt.

"W-who was that?" He asks and I scoff while glaring at him.

"Oh know one. Just Stevie Rae." I sneer and his face pales and falls.

"What?!" He blurts out as Michael crosses his arms and Luke looks pissed. I glare at him.

"What the fuck happened Ashton?" Michael snaps and Ashton jumps a little while his eyes fill with tears.

"I- fucked. I fucked up so bad." He says running back up the stairs. I roll my eyes as we continue to clean.

"Mikey, can you help me?" I motion to the broken pieces of chair all over the place.

He nods and picks up pieces of chair with me.

I look up to see Ashton's pale face with tears. He shakes his head and a sob leaves his body as he runs out the door in nothing but jogging pants.

I share a look with Michael and he looks confused and worried.

Wonder what's going on.....

"Do any of you have any idea what the hells going on?" Luke asks throwing prices of garbage in the trash.

I sigh rubbing my face with my hands. "I have no idea. Stevie wouldn't say anything to me. She only said 'I can't tell you unless I'm totally sure'" I say and Michael and Luke look at each other confused.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Michael asks.

"How the fuck am I suppose to know? I'm not dating her or anything." I say and Luke scoffs.

"Your no better Luke." Luke looks down at his feet and bites his lip. "I know. Don't remind me."

Michael walks into the kitchen and comes back with a broom and dustpan. "Help me clean this mess up."

"Why, Ashton's the one who made this mess. He should be the one cleaning it." Luke snaps.

"Chill out Luke. Ashton's not here right now. He's stressing about something probably big." Michael snaps back. Luke glares.

"Well what's so big that he can't tell us about it? Isn't that why were friends to begin with? To be there and help each other out?" Luke sneers and I shake my head at scoff under my breath.

"Assholes. It must be pretty important if he's not telling us. I'm pretty sure that he'll tell us sooner or later. Now shut the fuck up and help me clean damnit." I snap and they both grumble shit under there breath but do as told.


After about an hour or so the house looks half decent. Kinda. Well the living room does.... The other parts of the house...... Not so much.

Luke falls back into the couch and lets out a huff. "Damn okay I'm tried."

"For once I don't feel like killing you so I'm agreeing." I say as I wipe my forehead with my shirt.

"Okay I need a drink. I'm thirsty." Michael says walking into the kitchen.

I get up and follow along with Luke. Michael grabs out three bottles of water and throws them at us. Luke missing and dropping his.

I roll my eyes. "Dumbass." I mumble under breath as he flicks me off.

Wonder where Ashton went off to....

Taking a wild guess that the place is where Stevie is.....

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