That Boy

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  • Published: 21 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 19 Mar 2018
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Every girl wants a Prince Charming of some sort. Me? I don't want a prince, I want the penguin loving singer.


13. Strange Lucas

Luke's POV

Ashton lets out a puff of air and runs his hand threw his curly hair. Michael and me snicker at the older lad who blinks a couple times then grins at us sheepishly.

"Well, she's. Something. That's for sure." Ashton says going red all over again.

I nod my head sitting on the couch and Michael says "Ya think?"

Ashton sits in the chair and Michael sits beside me.

"So, nothing like that really did happen?" Michael asks after a couple moments of silence. Thanks for bringing it up again Mikey.

"Ashton wishes, but no. Nothing like that happened." I chuckle as I earn a playful glare from Ash.

"I don't wish it, that'd mean that I'd have to see you naked. I see enough of Calum and Michael naked to last a life time. Eesh. That's not something I want to see Lucas. But Stevie? Now that's a deferent story. A story I'd gladly read over and over again." Ashton says as I shake my head at him as Michael doubles over laughing his head off.

"Whatever Ashton. Your just jealous that I got a sexy body and an even sexier girl." I stick my tongue out like a child. Now that I think about it, Stevie and me aren't even dating.

"Ya that's so the reason Luke." Ash says rolling his eyes at me, leaning back on the chair.

I turn to Michael. "Why are you here anyway Clifford?"

"Oh right. Before I got distracted," Michael starts but I interrupt.

"Which isn't a hard thing to do." I say as he gives out a breathy laugh.

"Fuck you Luke. Anyway. I came over because I was going to borrow the DVD player but I got a better show just coming here. And it wasn't on tv." Mike says smirking.

"You should have come earlier. Now that my funky haired friend was a show." Ashton says as my face goes red with embarrassment.

"Do you have to tell everyone?" I ask groaning, throwing my head back.

"Why? What happened?" Michael asks and I'm about to tell Ashton to shut the fuck up but he beats me to it.

"Well, no one would give me details so I just kinda pieced it together. It wasn't a hard thing to do." Ashton says his accent standing out very strongly and randomly.

Michel turns to me, a giant smirk on his face. Damn it Ashton.

"Did our little Lukey get it in with Stevie?" He teases and I burry my burning face in my hands as the two older lads laugh at me.

Is it there job to humiliate me, cause if it is then there doing a great job at it.

"Anyway. Michael do you still want the DVD player?" I ask changing the subject, hopefully.

"Ya. I'll bring it back some time when I'm done with it." He says getting up and grabbing the DVD player.

I sand up also and grab my pants that I kinda just through off me. I slip them back on and do them up.

I walk over to the tv and grab my shirt that just happens to get thrown there and pull it on over my head.

I shake my hair out, running my hand through it making it kinda stand up.

"Okay. I don't need it back any specific time so, nock your self out." I say as he unplugs it from the tv and wall. Ashton sits in the chair on his phone. Mostly on twitter probably.

"Okay. Thanks. Later!" Michael yells running out the door. I turn back to Ashton who's still on his phone.

"So are you just gonna, what are you doing?" I try to form an actual sentence. Ashton looks at me for a brief second then back to his phone.

"Not sure yet." He says and I shove my hands deep into the pockets of my jeans.

"Well, it's already 9:02 pm so....." I trail off. Wow, time really went by fast.

"Really? Holy shit. Okay ya. I'm gonna go." He says putting his phone in his pocket, standing up.

"Ya. Hey are you and Gemma still dating?" I ask completely clueless. Last I heard they got into a fight.

He looks at me like I'm crazy and then chuckles sweeping his hair to the side.

"No Luke. We're not dating anymore. We thought that it'd better if we were just friends, even though I like, never talk to her because of how awkward it is." He says and I bit the inside of my cheek to keep my jaw from dropping. I new they fought but I didn't think that they'd actually break up.

"Well. Okay just wondering." I say an he gives me a weird look but he gives me weird looks all the time.

"Your so strange Lucas. I'm gonna go now." He says. We say our goodbyes and he heads out raving me with my thoughts and a girl having a shower I my bathroom.

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